23 Tricks to Save Money When Shopping on Amazon That You Probably Didn't Know About

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Amazon has, on its own merits, the third most used search engine on the Internet. Consequence of being the largest online business in the world.

However, being able to dive into a deep, complete catalog with millions of products does not mean that you will always find a specific item at the price you want in the Amazon.es virtual store.

Many things have changed since Jeff Bezos' ecommerce landing in Spain; but the constant offers and a very interesting annual subscription that provides free shipping costs on many products, are still valid 9 years later.

Luckily, there are some tricks to buy cheaper on Amazon and tips that will help you save money, whether or not you are an Amazon Prime member.

If you don't care much about color, fashion is cheaper

Clothes and accessories, with few exceptions, do not usually come out very cheap; but fortunately, all you have to do is opt for a less popular color to give your pocket a surprise.

A curiosity that applies to both shirts, jerseys and pants. Perhaps in white or in blue they cost about 40 euros; but a saturated orange can present a difference of up to 10%.

Advanced search and smart search: find what you are looking for

Surely you have encountered a common problem when searching on Amazon.es, filtering by price range. And it is that when a search is ordered by price from lowest to highest or vice versa, it seems more like a souk than a virtual store.

So that this does not become a headache again, and you can find the product you want in the haystack of discounts, offers and products, just add a small extension to the url of the page you are viewing: &pct-off=Min -Max.

Substitute Min for the minimum discount, 10, for example —referring to a 10% discount— to search for, and do the same with Max for the maximum discount —such as 90%. In this case, the example would be "&pct-off=10-90".

Try Prime Video free for a month

The Prime subscription includes, in addition to the advantages in shipments, critically acclaimed movies and series such as The Grand Tour, Modern Love, Hanna, The Boys or This is us. Try to see their catalog for 30 days without spending a euro.

Try for free Amazon

After that, press the Enter key on the keyboard.

But this advanced search is not the smartest thing you can do. In fact, Jeviz.com is the smart search engine that we deserve and that Amazon needs. It will cost you to live without it, and it will help you save a lot of money.

Its use is free; but in return it implements a tracking cookie to commission for the purchases you make after having used its tool.

Similar products at a better price

Like any other digital store, Amazon offers alternatives to the product you are looking at in case the delivery time is long, it does not have the color you like or it does not fit you.

This extends from the clothes themselves to replaceable electronic items such as mobile phones, microSD cards or even computers and household items.

The most common is that the product that Amazon identifies as similar is lower in price, but also that it has been well received by users. Even so, there may be options that fit more with what you are looking for.

Competitor offers can be replicated on Amazon

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23 trucos para ahorrar dinero al comprar en Amazon que probablemente no conocías

Amazon usually offers attractive prices on many products; but it also equals the amounts of the competition and dispenses with the payment for the shipment of the product. The days without VAT or 2x1 promotions are not initiatives that are seen on the American platform.

Instead, opt for ongoing discounts on multiple products, and bundle the best deals on three key days: Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and Amazon Prime Day.

In this way, if you find a discounted product in other stores such as Media Markt, FNAC or El Corte Inglés, among others, take a look at Amazon.

Check the price history


There are few things more useful than a price history to know the evolution of a product and if it is the best time to buy it. Until now, the only option was to follow the product for months.

Luckily, it is possible to find this information on CamelCamelCamel or Keepa, and their respective extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge.

Although this is not its most outstanding tool, since it allows you to generate notifications to your personal email to know when a product is at the price you want.

product filters


Sometimes, a good trick to buy cheap on Amazon is to use the product filters.

Although many times it is not helpful if the item in question has very different price models, and parts in the same range, when it can be applied it is very useful.

AmazonBasics and own products, very interesting promotions; but every few months


Amazon has a wide catalog of its own products under the umbrella of its AmazonBasics brand, from cables to kitchen items.

It also has other electronic devices such as Amazon Kindle, or Amazon Echo smart speakers, which integrate their Alexa assistant.

With patience, you can find those deals of up to 50% that are less common to see, but that you can discover if you are attentive.

Buy refurbished products


Amazon Renewed is gold on cloth. Refurbished products hide treasures such as iPhones, food processors or even game consoles at attractive prices.

In addition, its label system according to the state of the product and the guarantee of up to one year by the ecommerce help you discern what you are buying, and gives you the security that is often lacking in second-hand items.

A half-baked shopping cart that is rewarding with discounts and marketing actions

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Among all the tricks to buy cheap on Amazon, this may be the one that can give you a little more hesitation, since you need to fill the car and leave it to wait a few days before the company reminds you that you have it pending. check in.

As in other e-commerce, its recovery actions for users who abandon the sales funnel in the middle of the journey, offers incentives in the same purchase or for future ones in order to complete the purchase.

19 advantages of the Amazon Prime subscription

An investment that is well worth it.

  1. Free shipping up to 24 hours
  2. free returns
  3. Free movies and series
  4. Free Kindle Books
  5. ...and much more.
discover them all

Take advantage of other Amazon stores


Although not all products are available internationally, it is possible to purchase certain items on a different version of Amazon: Japan, France, or the US, among others.

In this way, you will not only find offers on different products, but you can even benefit from the currency exchange if applicable. Of course, you will have to pay the postage.

Also, if you need help with the language, you can use the Google translator.

Offers and good prices in the list of sellers


When Amazon is out of stock, this is your only option; although it is always available in case third parties offer the same product that you are interested in acquiring.

Likewise, the list of sellers also crosses data with Amazon Renewed, but you can distinguish the new products because they appear with the "New" label.

To get to this screen, review the information below the price and description. Click on New: X stores since... () and you will access the list.

Wish lists and recurring purchases


Amazon offers are ephemeral or can last up to 5 days. Be that as it may, if you want to follow the evolution of an item —or several—, all you have to do is create a wish list and Amazon will send you emails about them on a regular basis.

Added to this is the option for certain products, especially hygiene, to buy on a recurring and automatic basis, which gives you a discount on the item for continuing to trust Amazon.

Top-up promotions can be more than just spending money


Purses, gift vouchers, recharges in physical stores, and other systems to be able to buy without using a credit card are one of the options that Amazon makes available to users to buy cheaper.

Occasionally, Amazon gives away promotional credit for recharging the wallet, or using one of its services, which favors the use of these ways to save a few euros.

Check the Flash and Daily Deals


The usefulness of the daily deals section and Flash Deals do not look all that is necessary. They have dizzying discounts on a daily basis on demanded products. In fact, if you are not attentive, at 7 in the morning you can be left without a bargain.

A way to buy cheap on Amazon if you have the willpower.

If you are a student, Amazon has offers for you

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The Amazon Prime student offer, Prime Student, is not only a claim designed for university students who want to have all of Amazon's premium services for less than twenty euros, but also to access various offers that help them save .

Regardless of where you study in Spain, as long as it is a university and you meet the requirements that Amazon has, you can benefit from up to nine exclusive advantages with Amazon Prime Student.

3 months FREE with Amazon Prime Student

Enjoy Amazon Prime Student free for 90 days and take advantage of all the advantages of Amazon Prime: free 1-day shipping on millions of products, thousands of movies and series with Prime Video , etc. You just have to register and enter "MERECES10" before making your purchase.

Sign up for FREE

Shop with Alexa through your Echo Dot

If you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot at home, you can shop with simple voice commands. All you have to do is indicate a product to Alexa and it will return the 3 best results.

An alternative and less explored way to buy cheap on Amazon.

Have Google Shopping as your best ally

Google's paid ads functionality is also used to compare an item across sites, including across different advertisers within Amazon with one-off deals.

An effective way to see discounted products, since it is the distributors themselves who manage the campaigns.

Average sizes to find your pair at the best price

If in the rest of the clothes the ideal was to opt for less popular colors, in the case of footwear, the optimal thing is to opt for the average numbers.

In this way, if you wear a 38 or a 42, just look for the 38.5 or 42.5 to find a discount that is as interesting as it is surprising.

Take advantage of the price difference

Amazon not only gives you the opportunity to "snitch" to indicate a lower price of some product. It is also possible to receive money for that difference.

To do this, you have to resort to Paribus, indicate the price at which you bought the product and the one it has right now. Of course, the data must be true. Then, after analyzing it, you can get the difference and recover the money.

If you want cheap items, visit the "Bargains" section or look for items "for less than"


The bargain section hides some interesting products, although in general they are not in high demand. Now, if you have time to dive through the entire Amazon catalog, you can find real treasures.

Just indicate "for less than" - and add the desired amount - and Amazon offers you interesting items.

Do you want "cheap stuff"? You just have to look for them on Amazon

Something so simple that many times no one stops to try. Just enter "cheap things" in the Amazon search engine to get some interesting results and at a very attractive price.

The incognito mode of the browser is very useful

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If you have an Amazon Prime account, searching for the same item from the incognito tab is a good way to make sure the amount doesn't go up because of free shipping.

Thanks to this, you will be able to see if it is profitable to buy that product or not.

Offer: Amazon Prime 30 days free

Become an Amazon Prime member and take advantage of all its advantages: fast, free and unlimited shipping, access to the Prime Video catalog of series and movies, 2 million songs without advertising, exclusive offers, etc. It has no permanence, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Take advantage of this opportunity

23 Tricks to Save Money When Shopping on Amazon That You Probably Didn't Know About
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