3 black and white outfits to receive the summer season

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Do you like to dress with basic colors and at the same time you are a fashion fan?These looks and ideas will give you the inspiration you need to experience more with your clothes part of spring and summer.

Perhaps it is one of the most classic combinations in the world of fashion is that of black and white colors, this two0two1 you will see the mixture everywhere because they are tones in spring and summer tendency two0two1.

During the two seasons the shades seized the clothing and catwalks stores, but you do not need a large budget to look well in one of the hottest and most rainy times of the year.

Spring two0two1 will end Sunday June two0 at the Northern Hemisphere, so be sure to receive summer with the best energy and carry your best clothes with fresh, female or a little more daring looks.

Next, we invite you to see 3 outfits to finish spring and receive black summer with black to continue enjoying the sun and at the same time look sensational.List to know the looks that will accompany you in the following months?

3 Outfits blanco y negro para recibir la temporada de verano

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Black and white looks ideas for summer two0two11.Fresh and modern

If you are a girl who likes to go fresh and at the same time combining your clothes with a modern style, the following black and white look is perfect for you, surely you will accompany you the whole summer season.

This idea is great because it combines several garments that you have in the closet, such as a shirt and skirt, you can also change the sweater for a bag or a thin gabardine.


The dresses are a garment that cannot be missing in your closet, it is versatile because you carry them in autumn, spring, winter or summer with the necessary accessories.What do you think of this black and white look?

An option is a thin, not so thick dress to look good all day, wears white sandals and pay close attention to your accessories, you can play more with your bag or chin.

3.Powerful and fun

The jeans became the favorites of millions of boys and girls who found in this garment the way of being themselves and at the same time feel comfortable.This summer season your favorite black pants and a white crop top will be your best friends.

Another thing that will be very trend will be the platforms, in addition to making you look taller, they are fun and there is no better time to take them for a walk, if you do not like the sandals change them for tennis or boots.

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3 black and white outfits to receive the summer season
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