5 looks that show that dressing beige is neither classic nor boring

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Sí, es posible combinar el color neutro (en formato ‘total look’) sin renunciar ni a las tendencias ni al estilo propio

By María JoséPérez Méndez5 looks que demuestran que vestir de beige no es ni clásico ni aburrido 5 looks que demuestran que vestir de beige no es ni clásico ni aburrido

With the neutral colors, see white, black and especially beige, something very similar to what happens with the combination of jeans and white shirt happens: that they are so infallible by assumptions and end up relegated to emergencies, they understand these asthose days in which the look does not occur however.Neither known formulas with which it has already been experienced nor anything like it: those days the only thing that seems to make sense is to resort to a total black look or to the combination of both, in a chromatic duo that also adds elegance.If the beige comes into action, the effect seems to multiply: it has formed part of the range of classical girls that had been abandoned because they were considered boring.What has ended up happening is known history for the seasoned in terms of trends, that is, that the cocks have removed the predictable sambenito to become the thermometer of the cool.So it is more than logical to meet looks that reinforce this theory: to dress completely from Beige is no longer classic or boring, but a strategy to achieve a round styling almost effortless.

Beige in basic format

5 looks que demuestran que vestir de beige no es ni clásico ni aburrido

It is the most obvious path, but it is not necessary to belittle it, especially when there is a certain tendency to the oversize in the set (automatic interest sum): the high -shot pants and the somewhat loose sweaters are two pieces that, lightlyvariations in the intensity of beige, feel phenomenal together.The auction?Touches in pure white, like Jeanette Madsen.

Beige in male format

Jo Ellison is one of the women in the fashion industry that most and better has reinterpreted the well -known male style.Thanks to monumental and comedy proportions at the same time and love for the absence of ornament, the fashion director of Financial Times has created a useful and magnetic uniform that never fails, even when the protagonist is this bad tone cataloged as a plane.And yes, the trick of varying the saturation and nuance of the beige again shows effective.

Beige in sexy format

If Ellison is the flag bearer of the masculine, Christine Centenera, fashion director of Vogue Australia, is that of sensuality in a sartorial code.It is rare to see it without a blazer and without heel shoes, and when both pieces join, it can be assured without a doubt that a look is being contemplated that will be photographed in Street Style.Be inspired by it is now especially easy: American with shoulder pad.

Beige in sports format

Linda Tol styles can be eclectic, but if there is a trend that has embraced without reservations (with permission of oversize jackets) is that of beige and the natural tones palette.In their Instagram publications you can see armed, shirts and American pants, but neither should sets as epatantes be forgotten as those that a tracksuit can spare.The key, as will be known if Athleisure codes are handled, are accessories.

Beige in classic format

If it is one of the favorite colors of the classic girls, I had to necessarily star in a classic look.In its clearest and closest aspect to the target, this hue is perfect for tearing jeans that earn in sophistication and for immortal sweaters, whose perfect companions are minimalist sandals and jewels that move between the line of the eternal and the forceful.

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5 looks that show that dressing beige is neither classic nor boring
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