8 original skirts with which you will be the best guest dressed in your next wedding

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Do you have a wedding soon and you don't know what to wear?We understand you, because we have been in that situation.So our advice is that you leave behind the classic dresses and bets for a skirt that takes you out of your comfort zone, resulting in a winning look.

We love the time to choose what our style will be for the wedding they just invited us.But many times, for the fear of risking or not complying with the protocol, we fall into basic options.But this is over, and it is that for your next celebration you will leave the dresses saved in the closet and you will go to the skirts, and with any of these you will not only meet the rules, but you will be the best dressed in the evening.


Is it a bet that comes out of the conventional?Yes, but that's the charm.If you have a wedding next spring, this is undoubtedly a garment that fits perfectly and with which you will monopolize all looks (with the bride's forgiveness).You can choose the total look by adding the top or a simple blouse.

For sale in Panambi (120.00 euros, before 150.00 euros).


The garments, and especially the skirts, in satin key are always a success, since they overturn elegance and sophistication.This chocolate brown option will be ideal with golden accessories (slopes and sandals) or, if you are more risky, add them in a emerald green tone.

8 faldas originales con las que serás la invitada mejor vestida de tu próxima boda

SALE IN IQ Collection (140.00 euros).

With opening

Do you feel wanting to bet on something more sensual?Activate the teaching mode with this skirt with XL opening.The champagne color is more than successful for a wedding both day and night and is perfect to combine with a simple top and give it all the prominence.


Pleadas skirts not only have to be part of your daily looks, but in a celebration like this they can also have their role.It is in blue is ideal for a wedding next season, and that, although it does not seem like it, has a thousand possible combinations.

Sale on Twinset (125.50 euros, before 251.00 euros).

Carrie style

This skirt could be perfectly in Carrie Bradshaw's closet.The color, cut and material meet all the requirements to be a more than right option in a guest look.You can take it with more basic garments, such as the model, or give an extra touch by adding a klein blue or an orange.

Sale in Pinko (228.00 euros, before 380.00 euros).


This instead does not remind us of those eccentric looks of the protagonist of sex in New York, but has an air of the past, of the 20s that we certainly love.Bicolor and with rhinestones, this piece will take all the prominence every time you put it.

Sale in Massimo Dutti (89.95 euros).

Black classic

We have colors for all tastes, and we know that there are many black fans, which still consider it the most elegant color.But that does not mean that it has to be a boring skirt, and it is that it is draped and with the side buttons, you can highlight your curves and add the accessories in the tone that you most want.

For sale at Uterqüe (35.95 euros, before 89.00 euros).


And moving from the black sober to one of the strongest colors that exist, the fuchsia pink.We know that it is not a tone for everyone, but the truth is that for a spring wedding it is an ideal bet.Combine it with silver sandals, smooth top and a rhinestone necklace.

Sale in Az Factory (509.00 euros).

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8 original skirts with which you will be the best guest dressed in your next wedding
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