A hole on the wall

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One day appeared, when a painting that was hung on the dining room wall crumbled.The nail, from which the paint hung, got rid of and showed a hole, not very large, enough for the nail to loosen and rush to the floor dragging sheet, frame and glass, which broke into a thousand pieces.

The efforts to fill the hole were unsuccessful.Each portion of plaster and mortar that we added collapsed, dragging a piece more wall, until the hole was the size of a medium orange.

We cover the hole with a neat leaf of paper, which we paste with adhesive tape, until we could solve the problem of progressive delaying.But every morning the paper appeared on the floor and the hole was bigger.

The next step was to run the glassmaker, from the center of the dining room to hide the opening.The disgust for not having the furniture aligned with the table and the chairs was cushioned by avoiding seeing the broken wall, while we evaluated the possible cause of the problem.

At that time we lived confined: the episode coincided with the first weeks we shared every day, in the morning until night, trying to combine virtual activities of the whole family, almost always without success.The boredom and the mood had appropriated the house.

We consulted the construction plans, we investigated whether any pipe crossed that wall or if the moisture of the foundations could have climbed to carcomer bricks and other materials, but the hydraulic pipe passed the other way.

Un hueco en la pared

Inside the house the weather had worsened.The recriminations had increased their intensity and we all seemed angry about more than the waning wall.They reappeared ancient discussions that he believed buried a long time ago.Each initiative of one of us produced in one, several or all, a disproportionate reaction against.We pointed out for the most trivial issues.

When we saw the hole look away from the sidewalks of the sideboard, we understood that the issue had gone out of hand.The house was already old when we bought it and the remodeling had not affected that wall, which already showed an empty space that a person could walk outside.

On the other side of the gap, the yuyos of the Lindero vacant lot were seen, closed by a wooded wood that contributed poor security.

My husband was the first to leave.He told us that he had tired that we censored all his ideas: "The engineer is me, you don't know anything about constructions," he shouted while he came out.When the door closed, my daughter replied that she could not see the result of her professional competence.

She followed him, a few days later, announcing that she moved with her boyfriend as the perforated wall lasts.She said she was coming the winter and she suffered a lot the cold that began to leak through the hole that there was no way to cover.

We continue looking for a solution while we piled up furniture and polycarbonate sheets to stop the ventoline.

My son also got tired.Without screaming, resigned, he kept some clothes in a bag and informed me that he had been planning to go to live alone and a friend had offered to share the expenses of the monitor he inhabited.

The cat stayed with me although it could have escaped the hole.

The weeks passed and outside my hostelled house, improvements were not avizo.No hope.It was the worst sanitary catastrophe we had lived and each one reacted as could.Autumn was benign but winter was coming and, with the restrictions on circulation, I did not find a mason that agreed to do the repair.

To alleviate the isolation, it was common to start some activity with the tutorial guide.Some began to weave, paint pictures or walls, to practice yoga or zumba, to manufacture furniture or ceramic pieces.I started studying construction.

I investigated the necessary materials, with what mixture they should join, the techniques to prevent the wall from collapsing before the first wind.It was like the third pig wanting to protect myself from the wolf that could appear in the space where there had ever been a wall.I bought the necessary online and, when everything was available, I started stacking bricks.

The construction remained firm.

Winter passed.In spring we could leave.My children took advantage of the envy to grow.My ex -husband and me, to learn to close holes.

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A hole on the wall
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