ABC Sevilla Sur Boulevard How to know what hair color is the most favors you?More in beauty "bob" cuts for curly hair: thus they can enhance your mane south boulevard

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Cómo (y dónde) puedes realizar un buen entrenamiento para ponerte en forma

Sientes que tienes ganas de cambiar tu color de pelo, pero no sabes cómo afrontar un cambio drástico. Por un lado, acertar con lo que te sienta bien. Y por otro, hacerlo eligiendo unas mechas o coloración de tendencia en 2021-2022.ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur ¿Cómo saber qué color de pelo es el que más te favorece? Más en Belleza Cortes «bob» para pelo rizado: así pueden potenciar tu melena Bulevar Sur ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur ¿Cómo saber qué color de pelo es el que más te favorece? Más en Belleza Cortes «bob» para pelo rizado: así pueden potenciar tu melena Bulevar Sur

If you have doubts to know which color favors the most taking into account your skin tone or the color of your eyes, keep reading.We have prepared for you a super complete guide to find those tips and advice you are looking for.And you can even perform a test that clears your latest doubts.

According to your eye color

One of the elements that determines which hair color feels best for you is the tone of your eyes:

  1. Ojos negros: los ojos negros combinan bien con tintes color chocolate, castaños, negros. En el caso de los ojos marrones oscuros también el caoba suele sentar bien. Si es tu caso, pero tienes la tez muy blanca, prueba con una melena chocolate con mechas «babylight» en tonos castaños para no endurecer tanto el rostro.
  2. Ojos marrones: los colores castaños encajan perfectamente con este tipo de color de ojos, aunque si la piel es blanca también se puede optar por rubios ceniza o rubios cobrizos. Una base castaña con unas mechas doradas puede ser una opción muy favorecedora para las mujeres con ojos marrones o miel.
  3. Ojos verdes: las pieles más pálidas con este color de ojos suelen verse favorecidas por tintes rubios (ceniza o con mechas), mientras que las pieles bronceadas con ojos verdes encajan bien con melenas castañas, bronde o rubias cobrizas.
  4. Ojos azules: las melenas rubias irán mejor con las pieles más pálidas, mientras que las pieles bronceadas con ojos azules se ven favorecidas con tonos dorados y bronde de cabello. Asimismo, las pieles muy pálidas con ojos azules muy claros pueden sacar partido a los morenos oscuros y tonos chocolate, porque generan un bonito contraste con la tez y el color del iris.


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According to your skin tone

What hair color favors me according to my skin?

Combination of eyes and hair

If you have clear skin and clear eyes (blue or gray) they favor the Nordic blondes or coppery tones.On the other hand, the colors too dark will not be well (discarded jet black) since they harden the features.If instead your combination is clear leather with brown eyes, honey or greenish, you should opt for more golden and not so cold blonde tones, as well as light chestnut trees such as "bronde", with caramel nuances.

When we talk about dark skin with light eyes, we can play with the wide range of chestnut trees or opt for a mahogany tone if we prefer the reddish range.If instead we talk about dark skin with the dark eyes it is also preferable to opt for dark hair colors, from chestnut to black.In these cases it should be remembered that light can be given to the hair with golden media tones to tips applying techniques such as "Balayage".

What hair colors rejuvenate?

ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur ¿Cómo saber qué color de pelo es el que más te favorece? Más en Belleza Cortes «bob» para pelo rizado: así pueden potenciar tu melena Bulevar Sur

Over the years, clear hair tends to darken and lose that original blond tone of childhood.The rest of hair tones also tend to lose their original brightness and luminosity with age.Therefore, the key to get a hair color with rejuvenating effect is naturalness: that is, to achieve that hue that is most identified with the natural color of our hair during youth.

In general, it should be taken into account that dark hair colors tend to harden the features and add years, while soft tones take us off years on us.That does not mean that the only option to achieve a rejuvenating effect is blonde colorations.Nothing is further.But we will keep the face years if we soften the darkest tones with lighter nuances (brown, brown and gold) that do not have to completely alter the general tone of our hair.

Undoubted.Thus, it is advisable.We talk about reflexes a couple of tones lighter than our hair, strategically introduced from means to tips and in the strands that frame the face to illuminate the complexion.

Multidimensional reflexes

Thus, for blonde women (or originally blond), the ideal from a certain age is to opt for the tones closest to the chestnut, adding clear nuances in caramel or "beige" tones (depending on the base) to illuminate and give life to themane.

For mature women with dark hair the best option will be the "Balayage" wicks in tones one or two lighter tones than the natural color of the hair.We talk about tones such as chocolate brown or even caramel tones, for brown hair.A good option is usually the bronde, which combines a wide range of intermediate tones between the dark blond and the chestnut, ideal for subtracting age to the face.

Finally, it should be remembered that, when choosing a hair color that subtracts years it is also advisable.


Hair colors and wicks that rejuvenate from 50

"Bronde", the tone that best suits

A safe and, in addition, tendency is to opt for a "bronde" tone of hair, more bright for whiter skin, and more caramel for those who have a medium or dark tone of complexion.As we already tell you, this tone of trend arises from the mixture of the blond and the chestnut and allows you to illuminate all kinds of skins in a very favorite way.

Thus, if you have a brown hair, you can combine it with gold.


Neither blond, nor Moreno: «Bronde», the color of the hair of the summer 2015

According to your current hair color

If what you are looking for is a change of look, we can offer you some proposals to take advantage of your image.How do you have your hair now?

- Rubio Rosa: The most daring blond with pink flashes, "Pink Blonde" can have an excellent transition in a summer choral tone that enhances the tan of your skin.

- Platinum Rubio: If you currently carry the most fashionable blond in the last seasons, you can opt for a rose blond to change the image.

- Dirty blond: the well -known "Dirty Blonde" is that in which although the hair is quite discolored, the roots remain dark in an obvious way.If that is your current look and you want to change, you can go to platinum completely.

- Castaño: If you have the mane in a brown tone, try to give life with a "bronde" tone that combines chocolate strands, with gold and blond cream at strategic points to illuminate the look.

- Cobrizo: Add nuances to your reddish hair with flashes in caramel tone through the "Balayage" technique.The idea is to imitate the effect of clarified of the sun.

- Caoba: Change your hair completely by coloring your hair with a dark chocolate base and giving light with wicks in ginger of media to tips.

- Azabache Black: You can give a total change to your image opting for a violet coloration that add flashes and nuances to your hair.

If you dye at home ...

Home dyes, although they work and are very practical, for any change of look we advise you that you go to your trusted hairdresser so that professionals give you their opinion on the hair color that can also sit you also depending on your tone natural.

In addition, you must keep in mind that, when you dye at home, the color of the box is never the one that is finally on your hair.In fact, if you have dark or brown hair and want.On the contrary, if what you want is to get dark, you probably get a more brown and neutral tone you were looking for.

Test: What hair color favors me?

In addition to eye color and skin tone, other factors such as natural hair color, or the tan you wear in summer, can help you discover the ideal tone to change your coloration.Salt of doubt with this simple test:

  1. Mi color de pelo natural es…a. Negrob. Castaño / morenoc. Rubio / castaño claro
  2. Mis ojos son…a. Negros / marronesb. Marrones / verdes (pardos)c. Azul claro u oscuro / verde claro
  3. Mi tono de piel es… a. Moreno / olivab. Dorado / cetrinoc. Claro / normal
  4. En verano…a. Me bronceo con facilidad sin quemarme.b. A veces me quemo, pero me bronceo.c. Me quemo a menudo y apenas me bronceo.

Most responses to: Your features perfectly fit brunette tones such as chocolate or brown coffee.You can illuminate your hair with a touch of "balance" in a honey or brown tone, but letting the dominant color be the one that favors you most naturally.Another option can be the subtle reddish reflexes that give movement to your hair.

Most responses B: Choose average colorations, or too clear, or too dark to favor your face.Candy tones favor you, especially if you play with Balayage wicks that establish points of light.You can also opt for brown colorations with subtle copper reflexes.

Most responses C: Ruba tones favor you naturally.You can try from a platinum to a golden tone.The best thing is that you play with lighter and dark flashes, within the blonde range, to give movement to your hair.

ABC Sevilla Sur Boulevard How to know what hair color is the most favors you?More in beauty "bob" cuts for curly hair: thus they can enhance your mane south boulevard
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