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This season colors applied naturally are worn. With few exceptions, monotonous tints disappear to give way to endless luminous nuances.

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Don't know how to change the color of your hair? Well, it won't be because of options, because this season is loaded with trends when it comes to hair coloring. For all tastes, for all skin tones. Consult your hairdressing professionals about these dyes that designers and stylists have chosen for this winter 2015-2016:


Ideal for fair-skinned women with brown, green, blue or honey eyes. This autumn-winter, redheads (specifically, coppery ones) return to hairdressers, driven by the changes in the look of celebrities such as Sienna Miller or Emma Stone. If you don't dare with red hair because you think it's too radical, combine it with blonde highlights as a "hair contouring". It will flatter you more and will be a less radical change if you are not used to red hair colors.

platinum blonde

One of the clearest trends of the season, especially in "pixie", "swag" and "bob" cuts. It is worn regardless of skin color or eyebrow color. There is nothing more to be inspired by the "look" that Kim Kardashian wore for a season, who changed her natural jet black for a platinum blonde with "midi" hair that surprised everyone for good. Since then, the platinum ban has been opened, not only for blondes or light-skinned women, but for all kinds of tones and features.

ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur Tendencias en coloración de cabello para el invierno 2015-2016 Más en Belleza Cortes «bob» para pelo rizado: así pueden potenciar tu melena Bulevar Sur

An interesting variation for the most daring is silver-grey blonde or "granny hair" that takes center stage for winter, both for dark skin and very light skin. A trend that you can turn blonde with some ease if you are not convinced and that curiously favors a wide range of faces. Cara Delevingne, Pink or Lady Gaga have shown it.

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The trend that has been talked about the most this summer will continue to be more fashionable than ever in the fall and winter months. As you know, it is an intermediate color look between brown and blonde (blonde+brunette) where the roots are darker and the ends are brighter. An ideal trend for those who have tired of the summer blonde and are not so favored without the complementary tan of the skin. Find out how to get your “bronde” look here:

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chocolate brown

If you are a natural, calm brunette, we also have a trend for you. You don't need to dye it platinum blonde.

This season, chocolate brown hair tones are also popular in long hair, which you can combine with a few brown touches of «hair contouring» to soften your features and give light to your face.

Pastel colors

One of the most innovative and daring coloring trends for this winter season is to integrate pastel colors (especially pink, green and blue) in the gradient of our hair. This is the case of the "pink blonde" or pink blonde that is increasingly seen among women who have tired of the traditional blonde tone.

The case of green and blue seem more risky, although there are always exceptions that can encourage you to try it, as is the case of the Sevillian blogger LowChic, who wears a flattering bluish green that is most original. Of course, the more diluted the color and the more pastel the tone, the less aggressive the color change will be.

In general, these bold pastel colors work more naturally with platinum blonde, although many combine them with brunette hair. Likewise, if you decide to wear any of these pastel tones, you should know that you will have to combine them with more discreet clothes and makeup so as not to create an overly ornate “look”.

Keys of the season in color

As you may have verified, in terms of hair coloring, in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 there are a series of well-defined keys:

ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur Trends in hair color for winter 2015-2016 More in Beauty «Bob» cuts for curly hair: this way they can enhance your hair Bulevar Sur
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