Benefits of rice water for plants and how to prepare it

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By Mariola Baez. November 19, 2021

There are many good properties of rice water that make it a magnificent ally in skin and hair care, being present in tonics and natural masks, but what you may not know is that it is also a valuable natural fertilizer that can do a lot for the well-being and proper development of your plants, both indoors and those that you may have in a garden or on a balcony.

Discover in this oneHOWTO article all the benefits of rice water for plants and how to prepare it and give it to your plants in the most appropriate way and at the most appropriate time.

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  1. Benefits of rice water for plants
  2. How to prepare rice water for plants
  3. How to use rice water for plants.

Benefits of rice water for plants

Rice is a cereal rich in nutrients. Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron or zinc are just some of the minerals contained in each of its grains, without forgetting its high starch content, a carbohydrate that makes rice a food with high energy value. When preparing rice water with the aim of revitalizing our plants, all those healthy nutrients will pass into the water that we will use in irrigation so that, thus, we can provide them in a simple way, providing them with important benefits. These are the main benefits of watering plants with rice water:

How to prepare rice water for plants

Benefits of rice water for plants and how to prepare it

Few natural and homemade fertilizers are as simple to prepare as rice water. You can get it in two ways:

Prepare rice water that is easy for plants

  1. The first step to make rice water that is beneficial for your plants, without accidentally adding harmful substances, is to wash the rice for the first time. grains to remove any particles of dirt, pollution or chemicals that may have adhered to them.
  2. Put the rice (approximately a cup) in a strainer and rinse it for a few seconds under the tap with cold water.
  3. Once washed, place the rice in a bowl with water (one cup of rice and three or four cups of cold water).
  4. Wait about 5 minutes for the nutrients, including starch, to leave diluting in water. Stir from time to time to favor this process.
  5. Strain the rice again but this time collecting the rice water in a suitable container so that you can use it.

Boil rice water for the plants

  1. Other option is, once the rice is washed, boil it in plenty of water. Prepare an amount as we have indicated before, or with a little more water.
  2. Put the pot or saucepan on the fire and wait for it to boil.
  3. Once you see that it has boiled a while and the water has taken on the typical color of rice, which means that its nutrients have been passing into the water, you can turn off the heat and strain the rice, to keep the water separate.
  4. In this In this case, it is important not to add salt to the rice (or any other ingredient) and remember that before using the water for your plants, you must wait until it is completely cold.

Here you can learn some advice more on How to make rice water.

How to use rice water for plants.

Follow these tips to use rice water for plants:

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Benefits of rice water for plants and how to prepare it
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