BTS and 7 of their most inspiring looks

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Fabulous! The South Korean K-pop band has the world of music at its feet, but also the world of fashion. Take a look at this count with their best outfits.

By Mario Alberto Cabrera

That BTS dominates the world… there is no objection. That Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook are wardrobe aces... either.

The South Korean K-pop band has the world at its feet, but not only that of music but also that of fashion, and on more than one occasion the septet has caused a sensation on stage and on the red carpets they walk thanks to to his peculiar fashion sense, because we can be sure of one thing: BTS doesn't just follow trends, they impose them.

Choosing a single moment is impossible, that's why we decided to make a compilation with some of her most inspiring looks

1) Autumn vibes

Years go by and the boys of BTS do not seem willing to lose their status as trendsetters. For their debut on the red carpet at this year's Grammys as nominated artists, the group chose outfits from Virgil Abloh's Fall 2021 Louis Vuitton line. Very good detail to look ad hoc for the season.

2) New year in NY

If you are one of those who understand perfectly that a new year should be received with style, but you get into a predicament when you are in front of the closet, BTS gave us 7 perfect outfits to say goodbye to the old year.

On December 31, 2019, the band appeared in Times Square for a guest appearance at the annual ceremony. With bombers, jackets, turtleneck sweaters and even coats, brightness is the element that gives cohesion to their outfits.

3) Glam goth aesthetic

BTS has a deep affection for New York and they visit the Big Apple relatively frequently. After spending the end of the year there, the boys returned in February for the Jimmy Fallon show.

There they wore coordinated looks by Rick Owens adopting a new glam-goth aesthetic. All seven members dressed in a rock-chic twist, embracing unexpected pieces like leather blazers or drop-crotch pants. Jin went in a faded, painted leather jacket; V and Jimin wore cream colored outfits from head to toe; while Jungkook, Suga, RM and J-Hope opted for leather blazers and zip-up pants. Their respective appearances had their own individual flair, but together, they felt like a very well-made whole.

4) Bottega Veneta total look

For the 2020 Grammys, the K-pop stars took their style to a new level when they hit the red carpet wearing head-to-toe Bottega Veneta, a brand that was, at the time, in full swing after a breakout first year. success with Daniel Lee in the lead and who received widespread applause for dressing all seven members of BTS so uniquely.

5) Classy

Great moments require great outfits and BTS knows it. At the press conference for the release of their new album BE, the band wore elegant Prada suits. With that gray jacket, Jungkook takes the cake.

6) Mix 'N' Match

It seems that BTS always has their most spectacular looks reserved for New York (and perhaps for when they visit Jimmy Fallon).

For their first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018, the boys went on a riot of style, rocking glamorous patterned mix'n'match suits comprised of high-shine lamé jackets and geometric two-pieces. insurmountable

7) Rainbow Suits

The members of BTS are always ready to look stylish and perfectly coordinated at any performance, but for the 2020 American Music Awards, the septet went over the top.

After they were first seen on stage in sleek black and white ensembles to sing their latest hit, "Life Goes On," RM and company quickly changed into colorful satin suits with flared pants when they returned to the stage to perform "Dynamite". The Koreans shone not only because of the color of their outfits, but because each member wore a unique retro design.

BTS and 7 of their most inspiring looks
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