How to decorate the dining room table when you do not expect guests to eat

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1/11 Round dining table in marble with vases and pots in the center

Although the function of the dining table is to welcome diners at a lunch or dinner, many hours are spent in its space "undressed". That is, without tablecloth or plates on top. That is why it is so important to choose the dining table well. And once you have found the model, how are you going to decorate it? That is, what to place and how to decorate it so that it does not look empty in the dining room set. We give you the answers!

Round table with decorative elements in the center

Vases or containers such as vases or demijohns are very appropriate to decorate a dining table. On a round table it is a good idea to decorate with the chosen objects in the center in a composition that can have a single element (we will see an example) or several, as proposed by the decorator Natalia Zubizarreta. In this case he plays with heights, he never fails. A good number to decorate the round dining table is 3 elements.

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2/11Dining room decorated with symmetrical and tall vases

How to decorate a rectangular dining table?

Depending on the length of the table you can create different compositions. On the one hand, as you can see in this Ancerl Studio project, place the decorative objects in the center in line or create decoration groups at the ends or in line if the dining table is quite long. In this case, the height of the ceiling lamp that hangs over the dining room has been taken into account. Being a light model (a minimalist lamp) it was possible to create a striking focal point. To do this, two large vases with a tall flower arrangement. His mission: "cover" the gap between the table and the lamp. Opting for symmetry is a sure thing with identical vases.

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3/11Dining table decorated with tray and vase

game of shapes

Perhaps it may seem like a riskier idea to decorate the dining table, but playing with shapes adds richness and variety to the composition. Just as if straight lines prevail in the table and chairs, it is wise to play with a curved decoration, also if there is a mixture -as in this dining room designed by Dica in an edition of Casa Decor- the decorative element can combine straight and sinuous lines. A rectangular tray is the base of the composition that decorates the table here. On it, a transparent glass vase with curved lines and a bouquet-type floral arrangement.

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4/11 Dining table decorated with many messy objects

Distribute decorative elements on the dining table

This way of decorating the dining table is more visually filling and has the drawback of entailing "more work" when it comes to clearing the table to dress it when it is going to be used. And it is important to take this into account because, in addition, you will have to place all the objects somewhere else. The desired effect is that of organized disorder. On a table with a round top, place a bulkier element in the center and other lighter ones around it. In a square table you can use the same technique and in a rectangular one distribute all the elements in a central strip, undoing their edges slightly.

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5/11Marble dining table decorated with green arrangement and colored vases

A green center on the table

Plants always have that fresh and special touch that they bring so much to interior design. Use them to decorate. In this case, the proposal is to play with green compositions without colored flowers. Bet on the monochromatism of the plants but introduces several colored vases. Combine a pair with arrangement and others, the most striking, without green. In this round marble table, model Argos de Levantina, the elements are grouped in the center of the circular top.

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6/11Composition of colored vases and flowers to decorate the dining table

Decenter the decorative composition

When you go to decorate the dining table, do not think only of decorating the central space. Especially in the case of rectangular tables. These lend themselves to off-centering the focal point and you can do this by taking into account the items left around the table. If there is a painting on the wall, do not hinder the visual flow with the still life. Also in search of breaking the symmetry that tends to be in decoration. Provides movement. This bet introduces color in a space of neutral tones. In this way that feeling of rupture is accentuated more. Because the composition that you link to decorate the dining table can maintain the predominant tones in the environment or stand out.

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7/11 Dining table decorated with tray

Trays and bowls, elements with little height

In general, any decorative object with little height will give the feeling of emptiness. It may be the effect you are after for a modern environment or because the table is heavy and you want to compensate. Trays, fountains and bowls can create a beautiful composition with which to decorate the dining table, combining several or with one large one. Due to their rounded lines, they are perfect for tables with circular tops. But on square and rectangular dining tables, they provide that needed movement without clutter.

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8/11Dining table with maxi lamp and low height decoration

When to use bowls and trays to decorate the dining room table?

We have already commented that it can be the element that fits you in the decoration of the dining table when you want simplicity. Worse the risk is that the space feels somewhat empty. Low-rise elements should be used when the main wall that you see when looking into the dining room has an eye-catching decoration. This way the decorative object does not get in the way of that visual. And also, as it happens here, how bulky the lamp is and hangs from the ceiling near the envelope.

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9/11Rectangular dining table decorated with flowers and glassware

dining related items

Some objects that you can take to the dining room table to decorate it are those related to the activities that take place in it. For example, using pretty kitchenware grouped together on a tray will make for an interesting themed still life. Tureens, ice buckets, cocktail shakers... Also, if you usually have a drink when you get home, it's a good idea to have the most colorful glassware and bottles ready on the table.

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10/11 Dining room with round marble table and vase of the same material

repeating materials

A trick that you can also apply when choosing the decoration of the dining room table is to "repeat" materials that are already present in the space or, specifically, in the main furniture of the dining room. In this Cassina proposal with the eye-catching chairs with continuous lines, designed by Patricia Urquiola, a single central element is chosen to decorate the table, made of the same material and finish as its top. Veining that is repeated in the lampshades and in the water feature of the rug.

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11/11Dining table decorated with vase, plants and books

Books in the table

Another element used in the decoration of dining tables are books. With several stacked copies you will gain heights that will help you to compose the still life. On a couple or three of stacked books place a bowl or a box. Add a vase with a natural arrangement -as proposed by Helena Martín Arquitectura here- and you will have your decoration.

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