Do yourself a manicure at home like a true professional

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by Regina Navarro

Experts assure that cosmetics not only serve to beautify those who use them, but also to know how society is at a given moment. In times of crisis, lipstick sales multiply, with red being the color chosen by the majority. Nail polish sales also grow at this time and also have an emotional connotation. Essie Weingarten, founder of the enamel firm Essie, assured that "the hands are the most visible part of the body and the ones that speak the most about you". That's why wearing them arranged can improve your mood. Just as we recommend you take off your pajamas and wear nice clothes if you have to telecommute during these days, spending some time taking care of your hands can also be interesting. In addition to deeply moisturizing them with these regenerating creams, you can set up your own manicure salon at home with the tools and products that our experts have selected for you.

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Hazte tú misma la manicura en casa como una auténtica profesional

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Do yourself a manicure at home like a true professional
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