Athleisure is still the best: the trends that are coming for 2022

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After having lived a year in sweatpants or sportswear, we always look for an excuse to dress up a little more, but we cannot deny that it is difficult to let go of those clothes with which we feel so comfortable, especially because just adding a blazer we can go anywhere in them. Athleisure will take on a new meaning in 2022, because it seeks a way to give our looks a different twist without losing the comfort that we love so much.

It is true that in these times comfort is the priority when it comes to dressing and, although we may think that 2022 will be a year full of glamor and extravagance, athleisure is reinventing itself this time to add a different twsit to our closets that will make want to wear these clothes everywhere.

The new year is getting closer every day and this also means that there are new trends making their way that you need to have before anyone else and our favorite sportswear brands confirm how much we will love these trends.

We are sure that this activewear is guaranteed motivation and now you will fulfill your purpose of exercising because you will not find a better excuse to use it than to go to the gym. We bring you the 5 trends that come with everything for next year and that you cannot lose sight of.

The 5 athleisure trends for 2022:

different details

Ruched sportswear? Bell bottom pants? Extreme volumes? 2022 says yes! to all these details that we never imagined that activewear could have but that we love. Now going to the supermarket after the gym will be the most glam activity thanks to these details that make the garments so different and so cool.


When would we think that leather effect leggings would be comfortable? Trends never cease to surprise us and the more a different and unusual texture stands out, the better to take it to the next level.

The textured materials in the athleisure give it a much more elevated look and mean that these garments are not just for exercise, you can wear metallic or leather effect leggings anywhere and you will be super comfortable and, far from looking messy, you will look very put together.

Cut outs

We have seen cut outs be present in any type of garment, and they are perfect for adding a touch of sexiness and activewear could not be the exception. They can be details as discreet or as revealing as you prefer, but this trend has to be in your closet yes or yes.

Bright colors

Neutral and muted colors are out of athleisure this 2022 and we know that there is no better mood booster than bright colors. We will welcome this year in the best and most colorful way and, if you want to wear this trend like a pro, combine different vibrant colors to make an interesting contrast.

mix and match

A top on top of another top or on top of a body? o Some shorts on top of others? The answer is yes!

Why wear only one of our favorite garments when we can wear two (or more) in the same look? Mix your clothes to make an interesting layering that will also make your clothes look like a different one every time you wear them. Play with different colours, textures and patterns and… you are ready to rock this trend.

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Athleisure is still the best: the trends that are coming for 2022
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