Fashion trends for parties (which you can find in your closet)

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At this point, you should have your Christmas Eve and New Year.But in the event that this year you have decided to opt for pieces that you have in your closet and do not know what to wear, calm, we help you with your choice.We collect six trends of the season that, given the fact that fashion is cyclical, you will surely find in your closet, and we give you some tips to give these pieces a new life.Definitely putting something ‘old’ does not imply that you should look outdated.

Combined sets

The Matching Sets have been very fashionable this year, especially those of blouse and skirt (and you will have already realized it).Although the trend is the prints, you can recreate a set with garments that you have at home combining a blouse and skirt or pants of the same color.The key is to choose two pieces that are of the same tone and similar textures.To be noticed that they are two pieces and do not look like a dress or break, we suggest a crop top and a skirt or high pants.

Dresses ‘wrapped’

The best thing about this trend is that it favors a lot, because cross -dresses are designed to create the optical illusion of a narrower waist and a more stylized figure.The Wrapped style can perfectly be part of a casual outfit, for which these parties remain at home, but it is also ideal for occasions that merit more formality and elegance.Everything will depend on the material, design and color of the piece you choose.


Tendencias de moda para las fiestas (que puedes encontrar en tu clóset)

Party and sequins are always good in the same prayer.Although you have to spend the parties at home, a little shine is never bad, especially because for this time they are always in a trend.To balance your look you can combine a piece with sequins and the other in some neutral color such as black or brown.Surely you have some top with brightness in your closet!


Satin went from being a textile associated with sleeping clothes to become the leading fabric of many elegant looks.Don't you have a satin piece on your closet?Try to search your pajamas drawer.Although it seems crazy, a Satin Pajama top (which is cute enough), with correct pants, heels and accessories, can become the ideal outfit for Christmas Eve's Oh Nuro.If you do not believe us, ask Zendaya, who once went to Empire State to turn the building with a navy blue pijamero suit and, as always, he looked spectacular.

Midi dresses and skirts

Midi dresses can be many styles.Some tight, others loose, with openings or cutlery...What everyone has in common is the length: it covers the knees, but it is on top of the ankles.As this trend was one of the protagonists of confinement, you surely have a dress or skirt saved in your closet to which you can give a new life.

If you have a dress, adapt it and use it as a skirt with a top that focuses all the attention above (nobody will notice that it is a piece you had used before), while, if it is a skirt, you can complete with a blouse insimilar colors to create the illusion of a dress.Use the imagination!

Leather false

This autumn-winter trend is the oversize shorts in false leather.However, you can take the opportunity to get any other piece you have in that material, be it blouse, skirt, pants or dress.Fashion magazines review that, instead of the typical black leather garments, this time the bet is to include colors to create more fun attire.

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Fashion trends for parties (which you can find in your closet)
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