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Has it happened to you that in the morning it is not easy to decide what to wear? Nothing convinces you, it becomes morning torture and then you fall into the phrase I have nothing to wear!

Luigina Campos, an imaging specialist with more than 10 years of experience and 12 international qualifications, shares that choosing the right clothes and combining them properly is one of the most difficult issues for her clients when it comes to dressing. According to the expert, in most wardrobes there are too many clothes or, on the contrary, there are not many that combine correctly.

Next, Luigina shares 5 recommendations that will allow you to get the most out of your closet:

1.Organization is the key. The first thing we must do is reorganize the wardrobe. Take out what we don't need or don't use. You have to free up space and let the good energy flow! It is also necessary to organize it properly, rearrange the clothes by colors and type of garment. The key is that everything is in sight. With this technique it will be easier for you to mix and generate ideas.

2. Many clothes = more combinations? Get rid of the idea that we need many clothes to combine. Rather, it is about having only the elementary ones, that they all combine with each other and that they have harmony.

Goodbye phrase, I have nothing what to wear - Central American and Caribbean Digital Newspaper

3.Basics. Identify your basic or background garments, those white or blue ones with a classic cut that combine with everything. Choose 10 items preferably.

4.Colors. At this stage it is necessary that you recognize the colors that enhance you and leave only those pieces that bring you light and vitality. There are colors that will only turn you off and that should not be in our wardrobe.

5.It's time to combine. The golden rule is not to mix cold and warm colors in the same outfit. It is recommended to organize your wardrobe by capsules, you can start with a capsule of 30 garments, for which you must choose the colors that most favor you together with the background garments to combine with each other. If you do it this way you can create up to 300 combinations

Imagine what would happen if you took control of your closet and sorted and even refined it so that the clothes that flatter you the most are the ones that occupy the privileged places when it comes to choosing what to wear! “Without a doubt, we could consciously ingest about the attitude that we will have on a daily basis and even in those important meetings where we must feel safe. This will not only contribute to our emotional state, but also those who observe us will feel the same positive energy”, indicates the expert.

Currently, Luigina offers various virtual workshops, group or personalized consultancies to enhance the image through good dressing. “My passion is to support people to become their best version and we achieve this through a process of self-knowledge and advice. In this adventure we find the style of each one, we identify the colors that favor them, we organize their closet, we make intelligent purchases and we manage to create effective combinations”, he assures.

Source. Central American and Caribbean Digital Newspaper

Goodbye to the phrase, I have nothing to wear - Central American and Caribbean digital newspaper
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