Heart five fashion designers' made in Spain 'make way in New York

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Five of the most prominent fashion designers in Spain landed this Friday in New York to show the quality made in Spain at an exclusive mid-way sales event between fashion Week and the Coterie fair.

In the heart of Manhattan is the showroom of FashionLab, an agency that acts as Ambassador for European fashion houses in the United States and during this weekend will be a showcase for Chie Mihara, Antonia's, Rita and Co, Tucca Towels and Q2.

This is the first event of its kind done by FashionLab, which works with established firms but seeks "how to give voice" to others that are not yet, taking advantage of the fact that buyers are now planting the city, as one of its founders, the Spanish Anna Queralt, explained to EfE.

In fact, the agency has the idea of repeating this initiative, in which ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade) has collaborated, twice a year coinciding with the calendar that mark the spring-summer and autumn / winter collections, he added.

The space, in a building near fashion Avenue-the middle name of Seventh Avenue-was crowded this Friday and is expected to continue until Sunday while offering clothing, accessories such as jewelry and bags, footwear and even towels.

1. Chie Mihara

Corazón Cinco diseñadores de moda 'made in Spain' se abren paso en Nueva York

"from two years ago to this part, we noticed a bestial interest in the product made in Spain. The brand Spain has acquired a lot of prestige in the American consumer," said Carmen García Cuevas, head of business development of the shoe firm Chie Mihara.

Based in Elda (Alicante), Chie Mihara is well known for her design and comfort in Spain but is still "emerging in the United States", where she has recently reached a distribution agreement with the Neiman Marcus department store, he reveals.

2. Antonia's

Next to his shoes are those of the Antonia's brand, a collection of luxury alpargates founded two years ago by Isabel Rio, who worked in this city for great names such as Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang, although carrying his own firm is "very different".

"they like it a lot. We give them a touch of color, vintage...", tells the designer, who created her project after seeing the "sparrows" succeed in a dress parade, organized by her, and already has two sales points.

3. Tucca Towels

Among hangers, the towels with geometric shapes of Tucca are striking, although much more when their history is known: they have a patented functionality with which they attach themselves to the sand with clamps that are inserted through the eyelids.

They can also join each other and have a waterproof pocket, says their creator, Germán Serrano, who launched the firm a year ago and now seeks to expand it to other countries, after harvesting online sales and seeing it in magazines.

4. Rita and Co

Ring of two cubes of Rita and Co.es fascinating

For her part, Sara Lopez is the founder of Rita, a company about two years old that was born from her experience living in Japan, where women, very "coquettes", she recounts, love the attention to detail, crafts and the new.

López designs handbags and jewelry that are made in workshops in Spain and, as a Madrid resident in Valencia, finds inspiration in the Mediterranean, which is reflected, for example, in textures similar to "how waves break against rocks".

5. Q2

Many items shown in FashionLab belong to Q2, a wholesale firm whose assets are the "minimal" shipments and the "rotation" in the pieces, thus offering the latest trends, according to its sales director, Pedro Marco Fauli.

"I see it, I want it and I ask it already," he describes about the dynamics that move Q2, present in Europe and looking at the United States because fashion businesses are very "professionalized" and, clearly, because there is "a lot of consumerism".

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Heart five fashion designers' made in Spain 'make way in New York
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