Home remedies to combat dry skin in cold season

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Not having adequate skin care in this cold season can trigger or aggravate some skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis and acne.Also mentioning the complexion tends to resect a lot in the winter time.

Health specialists give explanations of, the effect of cold on the skin is multiple: it contracts the capillary vessels, so that enough oxygen or nutrients to the epidermis does not arrive enough.In addition, the complexes is not renewed so fast and dead cells accumulates.Resulting with a leather off, strap and more sensitive.

The skin in cold season tends to look and feel rough, give itching, there is peeling, redness and fine lines or cracks.Fortunately, this problem that is very common in men and women can prevent enough water during the day, covering us from the wind with proper clothing and using moisturizers according to the skin type.

There are also some home remedies to which the dry skin responds very well, and in this sense, we share some solutions that will help you get your lips, feet hands, elbows and knees look perfect during this cold season.


It is one of the body parts that is most affected by the effects of cold, making them see dry and cracked because more hydration loses day by day, it is preferable to exfoliate them before moisturizing them in depth to heal them.

So, to remove dead cells, experts suggest making a paste mixing a ground oat spoon and one of honey.Oatmeal will act as a cleaner and honey as a moisturizing agent that you must apply in your hands giving soft massages, letting it act for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Remedios caseros para combatir la piel reseca en temporada de frío

After that procedure, the hands, coconut oil or that of virgin olive.

Elbows and knees

They are areas are very prone to resect much more than the rest of the body.So, as in the previous cases, the cleaner the area to hydrate easier and faster will be healing.They are recommended to exfoliate the elbows and eliminate the dark tone preparing a paste with a tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of squeezed lemon juice and half a cup of salt.

Then massage with the mixture the elbows and knees, letting them act for 10 minutes so that the acidity of the lemon fulfills its clarifying function.Once the area is exfoliated and given the dryness they usually suffer, avocado paste (made with a ripe avocado crushed and mixed with almond oil) will help hydrate them to the fullest to the fullest.

The lips

The dryness of the lips is one of the most uncomfortable sensations that can be suffered in the face of the cold, so this area must be treated immediate.

To keep them free of dryness, olive oil is one of the best and most intensive moisturizing that you can apply to prevent this problem, but, once it has emerged, then first you have to exfoliate your lips before applying olive oil.

To prepare this mixture that consists of combining some sugar with honey or oil that must be applied in circles with the fingertips, remove the dry skins that have accumulated in our mouth.Once "clean", apply virgin olive oil several times a day.

For feet

Resect and cracked feet usually arise when the epidermis is not hydrated correctly, or when not suitable shoes are used, or when walking a lot of barefoot and for the effects of the cold, whose appearance is usually unpleasant.

To avoid this to the hardness of the skin in this area of the body, the most recommended exfoliation is what is done with pumice stone.Put your feet in warm water for 15 minutes and rub them later with this rock of volcanic origin, this trick will help get rid of dead skin.

Once eliminated, cocoa butter, almond oil or virgin bee wax are powerful moisturizers whose properties can multiply if the application is made before sleeping and you get socks to let stand all night.

However, if the dryness persists or notes that your skin does not improve despite the measures you took, or you have itch that does not let you sleep well, or open wounds or infections for scratching you, it is important that you immediately go to the doctor forknow the treatment to follow and thus relieve the discomfort.

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Home remedies to combat dry skin in cold season
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