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Dressing well is a simple art to learn that requires only a modicum of attention. You'll need a bit of practice, a few basic clothes, and a lot of confidence to pull off a look that stands out.

Keeping a limited color palette can help you build a strong look. The colors that we present below easily adapt to any style and allow you to be prepared for any situation. If you don't know where to start, we show you these outfits mixing four very versatile colors that every man should wear.

Green + beige

How to combine your clothes wearing only 4 colors | News from El Salvador -

Two very different shades that combine very well with each other. Green in a rather dark tone combined with beige pants, you will make it softer and your style will look much more modern.

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Black + beige

Always keep in mind that black works great with neutral tones, whether it's beige or off-white. Pay attention to the accessories, the details add an energetic touch to your combinations.

Light blue + black

Basic garments are a must in any wardrobe. The light blue shirt is a classic that is very easy to combine and with small changes you can go from a casual look to a more formal look. Do not neglect the shoes, select a pair of sneakers with a lot of dynamism to raise your bet.

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Pink + beige

Don't be afraid of this color. Knowing how to wear it is very easy, look for classic garments like pants and give it a twist by selecting a bold color like this pink. Add dark shoes to give your outfit some contrast.

How to combine your clothes using only 4 colors | News from El Salvador -
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