How to combine your dark lipsticks to look fashionable

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This is the definitive guide to know how to combine a dark lipstick and avoid the most common mistakes when applying it.

Combined correctly, dark lipsticks achieve a super elegant and trend look.

List the main points you should consider so that your dark lipstick is perfect with the rest of your makeup.

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1.Attenua to the maximum redness of the skin before applying a bordering tone or wine

Otherwise, you will be like a tomato.In fact, when you use wine, try to make your blush more proncerated and use it more dim.

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That is why intense donkey lipsticks or almost brown wines are going so well to brunette skins, they look even more radiant.

two.Prefer matte finishes

It is better to omit the bright finish with dark lipsticks.

These tones do not need extra brightness to get attention, in addition, creamy finishes last less and usually sweep more easily.

3.Combine with neutral outfits

Dark lipstick makups are protagonists of your looks.That is why it is better that you wear neutral clothes, without prints.A completely black or white or monochromatic outfit is an excellent idea.

4.Deline first

Preferably and to avoid errors, delinene first with an identical tone.This type of colors betray the most minímo error when applying them.

The roses or nude are almost not distinguished if there are small failures, but these are.

5.Dark lipsticks hardens features

And they can increase age.That does not limit you, use it in your favor and consider it to combine hairstyle and clothing.

For example, it is better to wear loose and not collected hair, the hair collected is associated with a sober and rigid style.

These tones will put you in a sensual and super powerful mood.Trust is indispensable.

How to combine your dark lipsticks to look fashionable
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