How to make the kimono a fetish garment point and apart

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Valeria, Jimena, Agata, Regina or Julieta are not just women's names.They are also almost unique, special pieces, careful in detail, both at the time of choosing their fabrics and in giving the last stitch.They are the Kimonos of Bea de Rioja, designer of Vilviestre del Pinar, who has made this garment of Japanese origin its hallmark."It is a very versatile piece, it serves both to go more arranged and informal and feel good to almost all kinds of bodies," says this entrepreneur, who two years ago decided to leave his work in the marketing sector to devote himself in body and soul toHis dream, develop his personal brand, which he had already registered in 2018.

Needles, threads and patterns have always been very present in their life, since childhood."My mother made me a lot."Since childhood I asked my mother to make me some garment that seemed to me and that I did not find in the stores, until one day I wondered that why I did not learn myself to do it".

This is how he decided to combine his work as responsible for marketing in a company in Palma de Mallorca (where he has lived more than a decade) with the design, and a phone call was enough for his mother so that he would be excited aboutproject and give you two sewing machines.In fact, she has been her real teacher, literal.«I recorded tutorials with the mobile while sewing and then sent them.Even a tripod was bought to be able to do it well.She has always encouraged me a lot, and of course, that motivated me triple to continue, ”recalls the designer, who at that time also studied pattern and fashion design courses, and began fully to sew his kimonos, his fetish garment.«I started in the design for them.It has always been a garment that I liked a lot for its versatility and options, because it feels good and because it is very wearable.A few years ago it was more difficult to find them in stores, and I decided that for all these reasons, I had to do them, yes or yes ».

Thus he began to prepare his pattern, to look for fabrics and to sew.Now his collection is formed by different kimonos: party, fringes or a simpler cut, but all of them with the essence of Bea de Rioja.Of each model, it makes limited units, 1 or 2 pieces of each, at most 3 or 4 of some specific model, so they are products, in addition to artisanal, practically unique.To be able to acquire them, it is enough to contact Beatriz through their website or social networks: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter."Also work on request, there are people who ask me to measure, or with a specific print so that they can combine, for example, with some party dress".Some Beach Club de Mallorca have also been a point of sale during the summer, and they will also return the next summer because it is a space where they have a good reception for their exclusivity.

Cómo hacer del kimono una prenda fetiche PUNTO Y APARTE

Bea de Rioja designs the garments she likes, that she herself would put on, and among her creations there are also different skirt models."In this case the inspiration came through a fabric, I saw it and I imagined it in such a skirt," says the designer, who also creates colored skin bags and with different prints.The young woman, who usually saw garments that she herself is made, is now immersed in the development of her next collection."It will be another very wearable garment," says the young woman without wanting to reveal more, who says that as the kimonos will also be special and different pieces."I am doing tests and I think they will be ready shortly".

And even if her kimonos bears a woman's name, she does not want to pigeonhole them alone, even if she considers that she is a very feminine garment.«The request that has surprised me the most a boy made me.I was commissioned three and in this case I had to make a custom pattern, because it was high and strong for the sizes in which they are usually elaborated, ”confirms Beatriz, for which for the positioning of the brand on the Internet, it requires a lot of time."To give visibility you have to devote a lot to create content and upload it, and it is time that it does not go to sew».

But she continues there, giving life to her kimonos, with which everything started."They are my illusion, I will continue with them and working to position my brand where I would like," says the young woman, who would like to be able to dress "anyone who wants to feel unique and look pretty with a special garment,to make a difference with your own style ».According to the designer, each personality is going well with a style of clothing, “on the other hand, a Kimono de Bea de Rioja is perfect for all styles, since, for this, I look for the best option in each kimono for each client.The face of happiness of who makes me commission to see the result is very rewarding and dress one of my garments, ”he concludes.

How to make the kimono a fetish garment point and apart
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