How to hydrate the hair in cold weather in 4 simple steps

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How to take care of your hair during the cold winter time?

Porregina Barberena Anaya

-13/12/2021 08:45

Keep healthy hair during winter is said easier than it is, but it is not impossible.Low temperatures are an easy way for hair to break, damage and dehydrate, so it is important to pay attention to certain habits that could be doing more damage to your hair than you think.

How to hydrate hair in winter, when to wash it and other doubts about keeping healthy hair

Of course, it is a bit more complicated (and tedious) caring for the hair during winter than in spring or summer.You will need to make some settings, acquire certain products and give up others.So you can hydrate the hair in winter and protect it in other ways.

1) No abuse of hot water when bathing

What seems most in these times is super hot water to bathe, and even if you feel very relaxing, your hair will not thank you at all.Very hot water can strip your scalp of natural oils and dry the cable stem zone - and the skin too.

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It is recommended to bathe with warm water and in shorter periods.If possible, when you are about to leave the shower, change to cold water to seal the hair follicles and keep the hair hydrated.

2) Neither do you use the dryer too much

The tools to dry the hair can be more harmful during the cold season.If you are going to use them, make sure they are at a little hot temperature and so you will avoid damaging the hair.But among the best options is to use a humidifier - excellent option to score on your Christmas gift list - this tool dries your hair while sleeping or you are in your room.

3) Use hats or hats to protect it from the exterior cold

Wearing hats, hats, masks or hair scarves will be ideal to prevent the hair from breaking.Just make sure everything that bears is cotton or wool, because other materials are more harmful.

4) Use masks and hair moisturizer

Once a week, it deeply moisturizes the dry hair, you can use a hair chest during the night to restore the moisturizer and dry leather dryness.If you are going to use the dryer, first apply a slight jojoba or argan oil in the wet hair.And if your hair tends to be greasy, use an ultra -moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to improve the area.

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How to hydrate the hair in cold weather in 4 simple steps
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