Jennifer Lopez's body jeans to look pretty

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Jennifer Lopez became a fashion icon for his unique, elegant and glam style at the same time.It is known for its great ability to combine garments, impose trends and dress as original as dazzling.It is an informal outfit, with jeans, or an outfit to appear on the stages or red carpets, JLo usually succeeds with his bets.

How do you do?Always applying your knowledge of styling to take advantage of each garment.The design lines, the colors and cuts of their clothes have their secrets and she, of course, knows them all.Let's see how a couple of jeans leads to the body, how to choose the best model to highlight curves and extend your figure a little more.

Jennifer Lopez's body jeans: the details that will make this choice, a success

The pop star has a privileged figure thanks to the constant training it performs, but also knows how to enhance its curves.

Los jeans al cuerpo de Jennifer Lopez para lucir bonita siempre

Like no one, use jeans in his favor: he knows that the high shot allows him to extend his torso a few centimeters, while keeping the abdomen in his place.This stylizes in 100% of cases and refines silhouette.

Therefore, Jennifer Lopez chooses jeans to the high -shot body, although it can vary in the tone: indigo blue, worn, or classic denim.But above all, he finishes by choosing a cropped model.Teach the ankles lengthens and refines by seeing a more skin section.

It also allows combining them with stilettos, pumps and stylish shoes that give extra height and stylize even more.In the event that the outfit is more relaxed, the Bronx diva combines this type of jeans to the body, high shot and cropped with platform shoes.

Another trick of Jennifer Lopez to contribute a young air to their outfits and lighten the visual weight of jeans is to opt for slightly ripped or torn models: worn, frayed or unknown details love the diva.Not only because they have years and make her see more informal, but because "break" visually with the flat color of the always relieves, stylizes and balance the figure.

And what occasion would you choose jeans like Jennifer Lopez's?Recreate your look to shine this summer at Street Style!

Jennifer Lopez's body jeans to look pretty
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