Point & Color Block: The trends of autumn 2018

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Red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo... No, we are not reviewing the rainbow like when we went to school. We are giving you the keys to the happiest looks for autumn: the block trend. Which, this year, adds to the point to fill your closet with color and heat. And then we are going to show you how to wear it with this video starring Aretha la Galleta @arethalagalleta. Or, what is the same, Aretha Fusté: influencer, model, designer, one of the protagonists of the series #PipolInDaHouse and a true passionate about the world of fashion. Hit play!

Beyond mixing and matching colors, always striking, the block trend is a matter of attitude. An attitude that says a lot about you: that you are brave, fun, cheerful and that you are aware of trends.

Because it is not about wearing pants of such a cut, or a long, midi or short skirt, or an oversize or narrow sweater, no: it is about wearing the clothes that you like and with which you feel good " dyed" in bright colors, in impossible combinations. That is why it is a flattering and comfortable trend that, this season, adds to the knit, the "king" fabric of autumn-winter. Let's go over some of the options and features of these two trends.


During the day

For a comfortable look but with a chic touch, wear a red tutu with a polka dot finish and a sports sweatshirt with a message. A plus? The most original shoes in blue.

Who said cold

Dot & Color Block: trends in Autumn 2018

If the temperatures drop... turn up the color! Dare with some green denim pants with a knitted sweater with colored stripes and a feather that really attracts attention: bright yellow. A fun fanny pack will be the perfect brooch.

At night

Yes, it is possible. The block trend arrives at night if you take it to fabrics and materials such as leather. In the image, Aretha combines red and perfect pants in fuchsia. IDEAL!


Sport chic

Casual wear is perfectly suited to this trend. Sports pants and shirts with colored vests to fight. Ideal for a getaway with friends.

The romantic point

Who said that this trend could not fit into a "sweet" and feminine look? You have the proof in the image of Aretha with a miniskirt, striped knit sweater and very high heels to match the earrings.

Authentic and youthful

And why not adapt this versatile trend to your personal tastes? Aretha takes him to a look of the most fun: shorts, sneakers and mix of knitted scarves.

Pep Avila

And if we add color block, knitwear and over-the-knee boots? The three trends go hand in hand in this look designed to succeed. Write it down!

Point & Color Block: The trends of autumn 2018
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