Latest trends in women's shoes and suits

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The heat has come to stay just like the spring / summer season clothes of this year 2019. This means that, if you haven't already done it, it's time to keep your autumn-winter clothes to make new or get the freshest out of your wardrobe, the trends this summer in women's shoes and suits are very promising.

We want to tell you what, in our view, are the most desirable options for this time. She's very attentive and takes note so as not to miss a single detail.

Party shoes

Summer is a stage of the year full of events and celebrations. On the one hand, we have more holidays, and on the other, we attend more weddings, festivals, discotheques, popular parties, beach parties, etc.

What every woman is looking for in these situations is comfortable shoes, shoes that Don't have to go home with him at night. In addition, it must be fresh shoes so that our feet do not sweat in summer heat and cause unpleasant smells. Therefore, holiday shoes are the best choice for these months of the year, there are lots of different styles of this kind of party shoes, but the ones that have triumphed the most throughout this spring-summer season have been those with heels and those with clear colors.

Últimas tendencias en zapatos y trajes de mujer

Heels have the advantage that they can be combined with almost any outfit. On top of that, it makes your legs look firmer, stylized and, of course, increase your height, which will make us stand out at parties. On the other hand, light colors like beige or white also combine with all kinds of skirts, pants or dresses. They give less heat and bring a touch of modernity to everything you wear, so we find it a very interesting party shoe option for this summer.

Suits and blazers

With regard to costumes and blazers, we would also like to point out those that have been and are being the most important trends to date this year. Although, as we have mentioned, summer is the prime time for the party, work is still present in our life, so the suit is still an option.

For their part, this season is particularly successful in business suits, that is, work. They can be combined with either a skirt or a trousers suit, which provides a more formal appearance. Our advice is that if you're looking for a good women's suit, order a personalized one in Sumissura, which is an ethical fashion brand that makes custom garments for women. This is an increasingly widespread choice that assures you a result that suits your needs, since if you buy a ready-made suit you can make a mistake and have to return it. This way, you make sure you're going to get it right.

The blazer is a type of jacket that is worn a lot this year. Speaking of blazers, we maintain the recommendation to order them custom in Sumissura for the reasons we have just told you. There are companies specializing in blazer designs such as the one we mentioned, that employ hundreds of different fabrics, being able to give your clothes the nuances you want the most, you could customize pockets, lapels, buttons and so on. Women's blazer also serves to go to work, although they can also be used on more informal occasions. It is a triumphant choice this season for its ease, versatility and comfort.

In conclusion, this year you have very definite options on what to wear, such as party shoes or blazers, are very practical variants in summer that can also be used in very varied situations: to work, to go for a drink with friends and friends, to attend events, etc. We hope that our tips have helped you and that this information will help you the next time you think about opening clothes.

Latest trends in women's shoes and suits
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