Moscow Mule: How is it done and where to find the fashion cocktail in Madrid

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He has little left to fulfill a century of existence.It is one of the cocktails par excellence in any good bar that presumed to stir the "mixer" and, in recent times, it causes furor in Madrid.If a few years ago they would have told you that you were going to ask Moscow Mule as if there were no tomorrow you would not have had a biting idea of which diantres they referred to.Today, surely, yes.And if not, because you can't know everything and every day you learn something new, here are we to clear your doubts.

The Mule Mule is one of the most refreshing combination of how many exist.Vodka, "Ginger Beer" and Lima are his three pillars so you can imagine that it is ideal to put the thermometer down and take some graduates from this summer.Add the traditional copper glass in which it is served that, although it is not essential if you do not have it at home, keep the temperature at the level of wanting to pass it through the forehead a few times a few times.

In addition to its flavor and sensations, its origin and curious name stand out from this creation, which dates back to 1941 in the United States by the work and grace of three people.On the one hand, Jack Morgan was the one who made ginger beer.On the other hand, John Martin, owner of a alcohol distribution company.Finally, Sophie Berezinsky, who needed to sell the copper jugs she had.The mixture of these three elements was the perfect mix to create the combination of the moment then, there, and now, here.And its denomination?They said that their effects were, in the end, like a mule kick.And it is that it is careful, you drink alone and after a few, in effect, you do not get up.The star recipe we have asked Absolut, Vodka Premium leading in the Spanish hosp.Why?Because together they have also devised Route Ten to enjoy this drink in a hundred premises in Madrid.We have personally chosen ten terraces that we love to give and drink the fresco if you do not feel like doing it at home.And yes, here are the instructions:

Moscow Mule: cómo se hace y dónde encontrar el cóctel de moda en Madrid

What is needed? JUILEP JARRA (Copper) Picked ice 5cl Absolut Vodka 20cl Schweppes Premium Ginger Beertwist and Lima Set

How is it done?

Fill the jug with chopped ice, about three quarters.Add vodka, ginger beer, Lima juice.Remove with a mixing spoon and decorate with a twist from Lima itself.

Moscow Mule: How is it done and where to find the fashion cocktail in Madrid
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