Natalie Portman's style

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Alfombra roja

By Ángela García

Known for her leading role in the movie ‘Black Swan’, the actress has managed to mold her delicate appearance through female looks that combine sweetness with touches of trend

Natalie Portman has proven to be a chameleonic actress throughout her career in the film industry, Oscar nominated, Golden Globes, Bafta and a long etcetera of academy's recognition and awarded more than one occasion in these awards, neverHe has thought twice before the proposals of risky look changes due to the demands of the script, like that time he shaped his head for his Venotta paper.But in terms of style on the red carpet has built a history of elegant successes that enhance romantic air and that seems to remember Audrey Hepburn so much.

The actress's elections to go to galas and night ceremonies are usually always in the same line: classic princess cut dresses topped with heart or word necklines.But he also dares with frightened neckline designs and tight silhouettes taking advantage of his most sensual side.Whatever the style for which its best allies in these types of events are clear: the Dior house is an essential, along with other greats such as Zac Posten, Chloé or Chanel.We review your best style choices that can inspire both guests and the most working girl cabinets.

Natalie PortmanAlfombra Roja

El estilo de Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman's style
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