New masculinities, from 'online' to the wardrobe

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Fito Palma, fashion advisor for Dafiti Latin America , assures that “the desire to travel and get out of confinement has led them to want to show off folklore and distant or nearby cultures on a daily basis. "As part of the return to classes and work, garments such as the varsity jacket or university jacket are imposed, a garment that never goes out of style, which has crept into the 2021 collections of many designers, so popular in many series and movies, initially used by high school and college rugby, soccer, and even baseball teams," he added. (You may be interested in: The new presentation by Antonina Canal and the company Prem Shakti).

The end of the year also arrives with styles alluding to life in the countryside such as the legendary lumberjack shirts (checkered or tartan) that are making a strong comeback in the men's wardrobe, as well as the traditional hoodie that remains unstoppable. after being vindicated on social networks, such as Instagram, to the point of reaching the status of the 'official uniform' of confinement.

According to its generational handwriting

In the generational alphabet, we are already at Z, the centennial generation, which is governed by aesthetics; and this season's gospel is fairy grunge, or the mixture of fairies and messy grunge rock (in the style of Curt Cobain); hence the color black, wide and ripped jeans, t-shirts and clothes to be at home accessorized with necklaces and gothic style elements are essential.

For Acquista, the consumption code of this generation can also be analyzed in light of the new masculinities, identifying that "it is a client that is based more on honesty, transparency, clarity and also seeks more brand values, which must be very careful to adopt gender roles and understand them well, as this can cause a disconnection with their consumers, specifically with Generation Z, whose motto is 'We need to be men and speak up, instead of being men and keep quiet'” .Now, if her north is cozy – a fusion of warmth and comfort – with an elegant twist, she belongs to the millennial generation. Don't skimp on a three-piece suit; vests will be the essential piece this season, as well as soft clothes to be at home (the aesthetic of comfortable pajamas with good design contributions has been one of the most sought after on Pinterest). (Also: Collaborations in fashion with a Colombian label).

For its part, generation X seeks more exclusive whims. A bag and a luxury men's watch (ideally made of stainless steel or a leather strap) cannot be missing from the sophisticated man's outfit.

The majesty of him: the 'sportswear'

Nuevas masculinidades, del ‘online’ al guardarropa

However, as soon as we began to go out on the streets after a long period of confinement, sportswear (a fusion of casual clothing and clothing worn during physical activity, generally comfortable and with a friendly cut with wide ranges of movement) consecrated among lovers of glamour.

Thanks to their versatility, tennis shoes –infallible in this style– were the ideal footwear for working, exercising, cooking, etc. And everything indicates that they will retain their noble title, as they are made of exquisite materials, such as leather, which creates an image that is as masculine as it is comfortable and elegant at the same time. (See: These are the five habits that make you fat without realizing it) .

"The keys to getting the most out of them and having a fantastic style will be in choosing neutral tones that combine with everything, which also helps to stylize the look," says Fito Palma, from Dafiti Latin America, who adds that, under the same wave, Stockings are the essential accessory. “Short, long, colourful, tights can be combined tone-on-tone with the color of the shoe or contrast them, but the idea is to give the outfit a sensational touch.”PILAR BOLÍVAREL TIEMPO@lavidaentenis

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New masculinities, from 'online' to the wardrobe
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