New Year: Moments of Changes and Renewal

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If we think about this arrival of the New Year it is good to renew our beauty set (clothing, makeup, hair, etc ...) obvious changes that fit our pocket.

We will have to take many item into account since we are presented with a range of options and our money has to be invested.

If we look for clothing we must know that we can venture the formal, the informal or the combination of both.

The formal

In women it is where we can play with the different textures, colors, cuts from smooth, print, metallic tones, satin, gaza, lace ... etcV both on the front and on the back.

Both in the haute couture dresses and in the classic cut, the robe, classic suns, all options marking a light look, fresh, sensual, in white, pink, yellow, light blue colors ... female colors.Long or short.

In man everything is easier, since the classic is always present in court (tailor) with a pledge and in some cases crossed if we talk about sacks and in the swamps follow the narrow tailor cut (commonly called chupino) in theColors blue, black, white, natural gray, just like a single -color or printing long sleeves (stripes - pictures).

Año nuevo: momentos de cambios y renovación

And in some cases where man is bolder encouragement and use satin, stamped, combined textures, if also at the shirts.

The informal

When we talk about this trend we have thousands of inspirations, it is where the ingenuity of each one plays where we can combine textures, colors, fashion, smooth and prints, cuts (combined and classic shirts, stamped shirts, jogger pants, comfortable fabrics, tight adjustment,Jean classic to the located and with breaks).

Always very fresh and comfortable garments that adapt both to combine sport with the classic, both in men and women.


When choosing a make up we must take into account the type of skin, if we are to make up, the skin color, in which scope we move.

Once we are clear about this, we proceed to choose the base if it is fatty skin, the ideal is to choose a fat and matte base.

For dry and luminous bases, it helps keep the skin hydrated.

For mixed skin bases of light and mattifying textures.

When choosing the shadows we have to take into account the skin color, white skins the ideal neutral tones (pink, green, ivory).

Skins average clear the appropriate tones are (gray, lavender, blue).

Dark medium or brunette skins The ideal tones (green, orange, red, caramel, bronze, gold, brown) and when choosing a lipstick the ideal would be (pink, red, gold, nude or a simple gloos.And in the rosebores if it is white skin and Earth of Es Trigueña.


The ideal fragrance for summer for women would be that fragrance notes are floral or citrus.

And for the man with marine or citrus notes ... In both cases the fragrance must be fresh and we have to take into account the mood of the person who will use it.

New Year: Moments of Changes and Renewal
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