Sale 2022: The 20 basic garments that you will want to renew

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Although we are still waiting for the Three Kings, Christmas has practically come to an end. And that means that, although the holidays are about to end, the 2022 sales are heating up their engines to kick off. Although you probably already have the odd trend on file, something very interesting about the sales is that you can take advantage of it to renew your basics and create a capsule wardrobe with all the essentials at the best prices.

If you are looking for some inspiration for the 2022 sales and start the new year by doing your best purchases, at Vozpópuli we know how to help you.

Although dozens of trends coexist in the sales, let's listen to the best stylists, who always recommend investing in good basics. This is also found in one of Oscar de la Renta's most famous phrases in which he precisely confesses the importance of not focusing so much on trends and more taking out one's own style. “Fashion is about dressing according to trends. Style is more about being yourself," she said.

Behind each impeccable look and an enviable wardrobe background there is always a large number of basic garments that you can resort to as many times as you want over the years. It is clear that succumbing to a viral trend is inevitable, wishing for the fashionable bag that all the influencers wear is not bad, however, as the years go by, these pieces are no longer as viable as a basic, which never goes out of style.

At this point, as the fashion discounts for the 2022 sales are about to kick off, it's clearly worth spending some time finding the best versions of the staples that will star our looks for years to come.

For this reason, we have selected some of the best basics that you can renew in the 2022 sales.

Top Parts

Sales 2022: the 20 basic clothes that yes or yes you will want to renew

Surely, the first thing we think about when we start to dress is the upper parts and from there we create the rest of the look. And it is that both the coats, as well as the shirts, sweaters and t-shirts are key for our styling to be perfect. And we have found them in stores like Bleis Madrid, Cortefiel, Boss and Parfois.

Although it is a relatively young brand, Bleis Madrid is one of the reference brands both for buying blazers and shirts and on its website we have found a beautiful white poplin shirt with a tie (€240) that you cannot miss.

We have not forgotten the most iconic brands, such as Boss, where we have found a white cotton T-shirt (€40.41) for sale on Amazon, Cortefiel, which in its latest collection has included an iconic striped sweater (formerly €49.99 and now €39.99) and Parfois, which this year has launched a collection of 100% cashmere jumpers (€99.99).

Pants that will last a lifetime

While the tops tend to wear worse over time, the bottoms -unless they are knitwear, which tend to be more delicate- They usually last many years, especially if we choose well what we buy. And if we have to focus on one type of garment, pants are the undisputed kings of any look.

In an elegant woman's wardrobe there is no lack of straight-cut jeans, like the iconic Levis 501 (€110), for sale on Amazon, a dressy black one, perfect for both a work meeting and an elegant dinner , like this one from Cos (€79), comfortable leggings for sports like the ones from Oysho (€29.99) and stretchy white skinny jeans like the ones from Zara (€29.95).

The coats your daughters will inherit

Surely you've never thought about it, but after jeans, coats are the garment that a Spaniard wears the longest. From the end of October to April it becomes an essential in our wardrobe, and perhaps for this reason it is worth taking our time when choosing it. The great advantage of sales is that we can find quality models with the best discounts and in coats, which are usually the most expensive garments, the price difference is usually quite a bit.

Although down jackets are a trend, the most classic and essential coats are the traditional camel coat, like the one by The Kooples (before €455, now €273), the Massimo Dutti trench coat (€149), the leather jacket , in the style of this Mango biker (€99.99), and the checked blazer, like the one we found on the Bleis Madrid website (€320).

Shoes to wear 24/7

When it comes to going from a formal look to a casual one (and vice versa), shoes are key. With jeans and sneakers you can go very informal, but if you combine them with pumps or gold heeled sandals you can go tremendously elegant. The key, as always, is to learn to combine the basics and choose them wisely.

In our search for essential shoes, we went to Marypaz for some black stilettos (€25.99) that cannot be missing in any wardrobe, for sale on Amazon, to Lodi for gold dress sandals (€129), Exé Shoes for some ankle boots (€84.95) and Victoria for comfortable white sneakers (€52.95), for sale on Amazon.


And to finish off a look, you need accessories that never go out of style. Gold jewelry and costume jewelery always add a lot to a look and at Vidal & Vidal have a most elegant link necklace for sale (€38), as well as the Customima hoop earrings (€19). On Amazon we have found two leather garments that you cannot miss, a Tommy Hilfiger belt (€26.95) in black, and an elegant Coccinelle bag (€237.60).

Sale 2022: The 20 basic garments that you will want to renew
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