Sara Carbonero finds in Zara the jersey with hair effect that is best with jeans

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So much time looking for the most flattering sweater to combine with jeans so that, now, the great and only Sara Carbonero arrives to discover what it is about.As always, it had to be the journalist who gave us the news.And it has been through a perfect basic look for the autumn that has looked during its interview with the actor, singer and dancer, Adrián Lastra, in which the protagonist of the same was -indiscutibly - that orange sweater so striking with hair effect that hascalled the attention of all your followers.

It is not the first time that Sara tells us what are the trends that are going to destroy that season the most.He already did it with the folk coat with fringes and also with Zara's short dress and print.Mark that, by the way, he has repeated again as a whole and where we can find the sweater we are talking about.

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The journalist published this photo on her Instagram profile, as is customary with the characters she interviews in her program 'that follows the dance' on radio brand, and the praise by the users began to flood the comments."Guapísima", "what a wonder" or "what a luxury of talk" were some of the most repeated, but their look did not go unnoticed.

Sara Carbonero encuentra en Zara el jersey con efecto pelo que mejor queda con pantalones vaqueros

They quickly began to praise how well that strong orange color sat to Sara and ask where the garment was so much in front of everything else, even taking into account the great celebrities that were shown on the screen.However, as much as they asked about it, no answer was obtained.But from writing we have been able to find out where to acquire it.

This is Zara's orange jersey.Color that, by the way, is trend this autumn.A super flattering piece with hair effect and round neck that, if it already stands out, even more on its back thanks to its elegant oval opening.Without a doubt, the sweater that best feels with jeans.Nothing else you have to see Sara.


Zara's hair sweater from Sara Carbonero costs € 19.95

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Sara Carbonero finds in Zara the jersey with hair effect that is best with jeans
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