She was the teacher of two teenagers until the mother died and destiny pointed to her life

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La primera vez en su vida que Leticia habló con Lucio fue por teléfono.The talk happened one week day, around eight at night.He was brief and to the grain.

-I need my daughters to approve mathematics.What availability of hours do you have?

Before, he explained that he had achieved his phone by the friend of a friend who was a degree in the exact of the UBA like her.

Leticia was 32 years old and had six giving mathematics in the best private bilingual schools in the north zone.Also gave private classes of other subjects such as history and geography or whatever.He had always been one of those all -terrain teachers.

Buscó su agenda, miraron días y horas y terminó concertando con él un encuentro en la casa de sus alumnas, en un country en Escobar, donde estarían las mellizas -Sofía y Julia, de 13 años- y Laura, la madre de las chicas.He anticipated that he could not be present, for his work he was traveling a lot in the world.He was a geologist and CEO of a multinational.

A face on the wall

The first time Leticia put face to Lucio's serious voice was during the initial support class for the twins.There were all three sitting in the daily dining room.In a white shelf, on a side wall, there was a photo inside a classic silver frame that showed the family a few years before.It seemed taken on a Pinamar beach.From his chair, Leticia saw in that piece of photographic paper a lord of about forty -many, disheveled, with a few gray hair, who smiled while hugging her three women: two identical girls of about 7 years and Laura, whom sheI already knew.In that image the mother wore brown hair tied in a high ponytail.

It was the portrait of a happy family like the one that Leticia dreamed.She was a girlfriend for six years with an American of Indian origin who had settled with an ambitious artistic project in Buenos Aires.They were the same age, they lived together in a two environments in the town of Vicente López and shared a scattered blue car, but indispensable for her to go class in class and school in school.

The second time Leticia saw Lucio's face was live and live, about a year later.I was at the entrance hall of the house, preparing to leave, when he saw him come.The one who had been walking directly to her could only be the homeowner.Rare to be at that time.His steps were those of a determined and quiet man.

“Everything dressed in black, from head to toe.T -shirt, jacket, pants and even the shoes!I thought about how much little matter this mature!I confess that I liked it. A mí, salvo mi último novio, siempre me habían atraído los tipos más grandes, protectores”, dice hoy con voz pícara y haciendo memoria.

Lucio appeared and asked to talk to her. Lo que le dijo cambió el curso de esta historia.

They sat on the house's desk and he closed the door.The situation was rare.Leticia had always dealt with her wife, she was the one who asked her about the girls, they reconfirmed schedules and paid her.This was unusual.And I had never entered that formal desk.

“Leticia, I have to tell you something and I will ask you for total confidentiality.And help. Mi mujer tiene leucemia.Cancer is very advanced and perspectives are not good.I don't know if you realized something, but it's not right for a while ”.

Lucio's tone had been the same as the first time, direct and firm.Leticia was speechless.He did not move a muscle on his face.

"I did not know what to say.I couldn't think what.There was no drama, but it was dramatic.In a very low voice I confessed that I had noticed that Laura was thinner, more foreign.But not much more than that.Maybe I hadn't paid enough attention because I was always running from one place to another.He added that only now they were going to tell the girls what was happening. Me pidió que, por favor, continuara más que nunca con el apoyo escolar porque seguramente la noticia tendría consecuencias en su rendimiento.I realized that I was devastated although I didn't cry.He stunned me, but I didn't dare to hug him, or anything. No cabía”.

After this succinct talk, everything remained more or less the same for a while.With Laura, Leticia never encouraged to play the health issue.If the homeowner said nothing, less could she ask something.

However, Leticia believed to see a minimum understanding of looks.

Laura continued paying every week until at one time he stopped appearing on the scene.Leticia does not remember well when it occurred.

“One day I left the money with the employee, another was busy and did not come to the daily dining room.Again, the girls told me I wasn't at home.The sisters' notes came into minced, but I couldn't do much and I couldn't talk about what was happening with them.It was a secret, but I thought they knew that I knew.Over the years I learned that they hadn't told them anything that I was aware of ”.

Dad's advice

Leticia, meanwhile, continued with her boyfriend and her life a little wake up.

Estaba en una relación eterna que no iba ni para adelante ni para atrás.My family was going through a lot of economic and health problems.My mother had Alzheimer's for some time and my dad was with little work. Mi novio era adorable, pero yo no me sentía para nada convencida de nuestra relación.I did not projected. Fue mi padre el que un día me puso los puntos con un par de comentarios.He sat at his department's dining table and released me without anesthesia what I thought.With dad we had a very close relationship. Me dijo lo que necesitaba oír.That life is long, that I could not settle for someone without being convinced, that it was notice that I was not in love.It was true.I did not encourage me to cut and stay with nothing.My friends were all settled and with children.I walked aimlessly, but I couldn't stop to reflect.I needed the money of my multiple jobs;I took care of my mother on weekends because she couldn't go out anywhere and Dad had to have a break and, my only brother who had studied anthropology, lived in Mexico.My day to day was chaos.There was no space for enjoyment or to consider shuffling my life and giving again ”.

Laura's disease

Era la maestra de dos adolescentes hasta que la madre murió y el destino le señaló al amor de su vida

The situation of illness at Lucio and Laura's house lasted a few eleven months.Leticia completed at that time the 34. La madre de las mellizas murió un día de semana y ella se enteró por un WhatsApp del marido.He had to listen to him several times because he spoke in a hoarse voice that he did not understand everything he said.It was shocked.

A week after the burial (which of course was) resumed classes with the girls.For them it would be the first attempt to move forward with their lives.All hid tears.Leticia squeezed the sadness she had in her throat and did what she had to do: to give extracurricular support classes.The weather in the empty house was tremendous.

"I didn't know how to handle it.Lucio was never when I was going and I only saw the employee who was as disoriented as me in her work without boss. Las melli ya tenían abajo varias materias así que me enfoqué en eso.I noticed them more rebellious and unattendes.But in front of me they did not cry.Capable that he would have preferred to leave his tears so he could hug them.But it didn't happen. Junté coraje y unas semanas después llamé a Lucio: le aconsejé que hicieran terapia.I told him that a psychologist could help them a lot and told him how much I was serving me with the problems of my own life.He started worrying me, I don't know why. Me gustaba cómo era, sobrio y directo.Sofia and Julia finished third year and helped them with the December exams.Some subjects were for February and I was also.Luckily they all passed and there were no previous.For fourth year I also continued classes ".

Unconditional support

Conversations about the mood of the girls and their performance at school were the fixed themes of Leticia and Lucio every month in that desk attached to the entrance door. En eso estaba la relación cuando, de pronto, un día murió el padre de Leticia.An infarction and end.

“It was a very hard blow because we were very business.I still miss him.My brother did not reach the funeral because the passages from one day to another were very expensive.So everything fell to me.I felt more alone than ever ".

Lucio aware of the bad drink was not erased.Parco and all her boss accompanied her and collaborated with the procedures. Que la funeraria, que el certificado de defunción, que cerrar cuentas, que la pensión para su madre enferma… Además de ayudarla, la consolaba como podía.Leticia remembers that in the air the intense attraction they had.But Lucio never said something that could be interpreted as an approach.At least until that moment.

Desaparecido su padre, Leticia tenía que resolver qué hacer con su madre.Interning it in a geriatric was an option.I was not going to be able to with everything.Lucio also helped with this complex decision and accompanied her a weekend to look at three or four places.

Leticia que ya se sentía lejos de su novio, terminó por decidir: tenía que cortar.

“I was standing there, but it was the same as it wasn't.He could not interpret my needs.And I don't know how to ask. Lucio, en cambio, era incondicional y decidido.One day I realized that I wanted my boyfriend not to be there, it was like a gypsum boyfriend.I cut three nights after entering mom.I felt free.It was a strange sensation.The days passed and I realized that I was not surprised at all, ”he recalls on those difficult times.

Meanwhile, he continued with the twin classes.Lucio paid him every month.They added the hours and made a check.One day of those, he forgot to leave him his payment.Leticia the next day sent him a message. Él le respondió al toque: “Te invito a comer afuera por el descuido y de paso hablamos de las chicas”.

Leticia accepted. Se encontraron en un restaurante francés chiquito, en el centro, a la vuelta del edificio donde trabajaba Lucio.Fell with a blue and white and scented pictures. Apenas la vio se tocó el bolsillo de la camisa a la altura del pecho y le dijo: “Después haceme acordar que te dé el cheque y no me vuelva a olvidar”.

That night they put themselves aware of the problems of the teenagers and she told her how her single life was.They left the restaurant, they walked one block and entered a bar.Leticia asked for a gin tonic so as not to disregard.Then, he returned home by taxi.

An unexpected romance

The second invitation occurred for the end of the year.Lucio told the girls that they wanted them to eat with Leticia all together.I wanted to thank you for your dedication.

They went to look for her and made her sit forward.

"We pass it regal. Fue una noche super divertida y familiar.After so much thanks he asked me something.He was traveling ten days to France and wanted to know if I would be encouraged to stay in the department with the girls so they were not alone with the employee.I had no close relatives who could do it.I couldn't say no and I stayed. Cuando volvió me invitó a almorzar a San Isidro ¡me quería agradecer otra vez! Esta vez me llevó en auto a casa y bueno… al llegar nos besamos un buen rato”, se ríe Leticia.

At first they kept the relationship secret.They did not know if it was going to last and if it was worth telling something that could be interrupted.But one day, at four months, Sofia asked her dad if she had a girlfriend.Lucio decided to laugh.

-I'm going out with someone

-He has children??




-Ahh ok.I know her?


-It's leti.


Was already.Julia, who was sitting causing her to play with her cell phone, had listened to everything.

A slightly uncomfortable silence was made. Las chicas tendrían que digerir el anuncio.

Lucio told Leticia that same night what happened.

“Sabíamos que teníamos que darles tiempo”, aclara ella.They were armed with patience. Leticia armó un Operativo Seducción: “Quería que el tránsito de papá es nuestro a compartirlo con otra que no es mamá, fuera lo más tranquilo y suave posible.And it also intended that our women's talk spaces continue standing and they did not think that because I had put myself a girlfriend with his father I was going to tell him everything they said or did. Tenían que poder seguir confiando en mí”.

The process was long and with some trips, none too serious. Por supuesto el noviazgo fue cama afuera por completo.They did not want situations that could regret.

After a prudential time they decided that they wanted to live together.Leticia had reached 36.

The first night at home

“As we did not seem to live in the house where they had all lived together for the amount of memory that had installed between those walls, beautiful memories and, also, of the disease, we decided to rent it and move to another.We found nothing to convince us to buy so, meanwhile, we went to the department of a cousin of mine who had gone to live in Barcelona.It was huge and was in the Belgrano neighborhood.For them it was an important area change.The first night we were all there, I decided that it had to be very sincere with the girls.I wanted to make them clear. Les pedí sentarnos en el living para conversar.Lucio was bathing. Les dije que yo sabía lo que les pasaba; que imaginaba el dolor que deberían tener; que yo las quería mucho, pero que sabía perfectamente que jamás iba a ocupar el lugar de su madre; que las madres son únicas e irrepetibles y que yo extrañaba mis charlas con la mía con desesperación. Les dije que lo único que podía prometerles era que iba a escucharlas y a ayudarlas en lo que pudiera.They cried and cried. Todo se aflojó y arrancamos bastante bien”.

-Did you consult him before doing so?

-Nott.I sent myself alone.He speaks fair and necessary.This would be a girl talk.I just anticipated that I wanted to talk to them and leave us alone.It was very good for everyone.

-Was he still traveling?Who put the limits in the new family home?

-Yes, viajaba mucho.He put them when he was.During his absences the problem was that I had to put them. Si bien no era la madre era la persona adulta que debía cuidarlas.That implied several spiny conversations.Sometimes they sent me to shit.But I endured, kept calm and insisted only with the important limits, as they advised me in therapy.I forgot to fuck with nonsense.I had to relegate many things that bothered me like leaving the clothes thrown away, that they did not wash the thousands of vessels that used or supported wet towels on the bed.I dedicated myself to three or four key things that I knew I had to look closely like alcohol, friendships, night, drugs.The good thing was that at that stage, they were in the fifth year, I had to take them and bring them from school, from capital to the northern and round zone, so we had inevitable car and talk hours.

One of the twins, Sofia, began to give problems.One day he returned alcoholized and ended at the Mater Dei Guard. Otro, Leticia descubrió un cigarrillo de marihuana escondido en la funda de la almohada.He faced it and set out to listen to her.The conversation was tense, but it gave a lot of result.With the help of a therapist, things were on track.

Just when they finished school, they found a house that they liked in a private neighborhood in Pilar.They left the department of the premium of Leticia and moved.They added two dogs thinking about the girls. La vida para todos se había rearmado no sin dificultades.The former woman's sister, for example, did not approve the relationship between them.That hindered the relationship with cousins.Leticia could do little.

The day Leticia turned 38, Lucio reserved a table at the Casa Cavia restaurant. Pidió champagne y dos copas y… le propuso casamiento. Parecía una película.Leticia did not hesitate.

I couldn't believe how life had changed.Husband, postpagous daughters, two dogs, garden house.What had always kept immovable were some of his jobs: to become a housewife from Monday to Monday, he had never been in his plans.

They married by civilian and by church six months later.He entered white and cried with emotion surrounded by friends and some relatives.His brother this time did travel for the ceremony. Leticia sintió que, por primera vez en su vida, era feliz.

Frustrated pregnancy

Poco tiempo después, las chicas pidieron vivir en el centro.They went to faculty and had too much trip.While they had given them a car, there were more than one hundred kilometers per day and had trouble combining their schedules.Lucio rented a two -room apartment, full of sun, in a building with pool and garage, in Palermo Viejo.

“With so much movement in recent years I had forgotten to think about my health and my care. Bordeando los 40 un día quedé embarazada.It was a huge surprise because he didn't take collections for a long time. Estábamos felices.He more for me than for him.Unfortunately, I lost that baby in the third month.I had thrombophilia that is a blood disease that causes clots.It was so traumatic that I decided that I never wanted to go through the same thing, or have high -risk pregnancies.I lowered my arms and thought I would exercise the alternate motherhood that had touched me.From the fact that I ruled out maternity expectations there was less tension at home and the family began a very nice period of tranquility ”.

Meses después llegó el traslado de Lucio.The company needed it in Quebec, Canada.It was an entertaining challenge.They made the suitcases, they rent the house.The girls were in full faculty and could not move from Buenos Aires.They didn't want either.And one of them had an aspiring boyfriend.

Vivir afuera era un proyecto divertido, pero también duro.Hard for him for the girls, but in the hard work also for me because I had to leave the few jobs he had maintained.I put dogs as the only condition.Once installed in the house in Canada, we add a Canadian cat. Disfrutamos de estar solos, me dediqué a hacer cursos de idiomas y la pareja se solidificó. Vinimos para las fiestas los dos años que vivimos afuera y las chicas nos visitaron otras dos o tres veces.When the transfer period were sent back to us ”.

Leticia returned to the country with 43 years in 2019.Just before pandemic by Coronavirus.They lived home again and faced some reforms.

Lucio se acerca a los 60 y sigue siendo de pocas palabras: “Rehacer la vida no es fácil, pero valió la pena.Today I feel that without Leticia I could not have moved the girls and be happy again ”.

That was all he said for this note.But it reaches.

Leticia feels that the call that attended the hurried so many years ago was the door to this life today.He is also aware that he helped to get ahead to a whole family that feels his today.

A él no se lo dijo porque es un ateo convencido, pero ella que es creyente en sus oraciones siempre incluye a Laura, la madre que no pudo ver en lo que sus hijas se convirtieron, y le agradece.

Sin saberlo, ella me dejó todo lo que había construido.It was an excellent person and regret that I could not enjoy them.Julia received a lawyer and Sofia as a psychologist.Part was my homework, but almost everything was what she sowed. En algún momento me sentí un poco ocupa de su vida. Finalmente, me amigué con la idea de que yo solo fui la heredera de mucho amor.I am a fervent convinced that everything that happens to us is written ”.

* Royal loves is a series of true stories, told by its protagonists.In some of them, the names of the protagonists will be changed to protect their identity and the photos, illustrative


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She was the teacher of two teenagers until the mother died and destiny pointed to her life
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