Small bathroom reform: this is how you should do it (according to the experts)

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For them, it is essential to pay attention, above all, to the area above the toilet, since it is not usually well used: "A few simple shelves or a narrow wall cabinet can be an intelligent solution to gain storage in this area," they suggest.

But they still give us more ideas: “We can take advantage of the space left over the door to mount some shelves and store larger products such as towels and toilet paper. There are also coat racks that are hooked on the door; we can use the back to hang things that don't have to be visible, like a towel or a bathrobe”.

They also consider it a good idea to take advantage of every corner, even the most unusual, for example, with corner furniture, bars or wall hooks to hang clothes and towels, and even folding furniture.

sense of spaciousness

Ok, we have few meters: how to get the most out of them? "The feeling of spaciousness that a tidy bathroom conveys is reinforced when we opt for finishes in neutral colors, especially white," they explain from Ikea. But there is no need to stick to the traditional nuclear white: we can combine this tone with “trendy colors in earth tones or very light blues and greens”, they add.

Reforma de baño pequeño: así debes hacerla (según los expertos)

In other words: a small bathroom does not have to be decoratively boring: "In contrast, and to give warmth to the space, we can give prominence to accessories made of wood and natural fibers, especially in light tones, such as bamboo" , they explain.

And one more trick: "If the bathroom has a good entrance of natural light, you can also gain depth by decorating a wall with a paper or print with a small pattern or with a change of material, using different models of tiles and using large mirrors. format to visually expand the walls”, they continue.

The lighting, of course, also influences the feeling of spaciousness in the room: “If we incorporate correct general and functional lighting in neutral or white tones, we will achieve a calm and serene atmosphere that will make it the perfect place to unwind and relax” . Here is a small guide to achieve the best lighting in the bathroom. See more articles:

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Small bathroom reform: this is how you should do it (according to the experts)
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