Winning in winter is easy with Zara's new coat

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Lo quieras o no, puede que esta sea la señal que estabas esperando para dejar de lado las tendencias llamativas que te invitan a invertir en prendas neón esta temporada para pensar en tu fondo de armario. Zara ha sacado al mercado un abrigo de lana que puede sacarte de ese ensimismamiento de prendas retadoras porque es un clásico que no pasa de moda. Así como harías con un jersey de cuello alto, esta es una propuesta atemporal que puedes usar cada año. Triunfar en invierno es fácil con el nuevo abrigo de Zara Triunfar en invierno es fácil con el nuevo abrigo de Zara

Inditex's store takes a risk and wins with a dress model that can conquer you at one glance, so if you weren't planning to invest in a coat we recommend you stop reading. However, if you follow our words because you suspect that your closet background might need it, you are in the right place, as it moves away from Marta Ortega's amazing cool coat to assimilate itself to the traditional model of life. Are you ready?

The design team at Arteixo's firm points to, shoots and hits with a blue-gray blue-collar proposal that conveys an immediate sense of glamour and elegance to anyone who sees it. It is a timeless model capable of causing a revolution in your autumn and winter looks every year because in addition to having a cut that is not out of fashion, it is tremendously flattering and sophisticated.

Triunfar en invierno es fácil con el nuevo abrigo de Zara

Stylists end those days where they Don't know what to combine your winter look with a fabric design made of recycled fibers. Echo, beautiful, flattering and versatile, makes it easier for us to look away from those feathered coats that cause sensation in the experts' closet.

Thanks to the design itself we can say that we are in front of a coat that looks wonderful to all the girls who wear it regardless of their size. Wear it in an XS or XXL (available range of sizes), the result you will get in your combinations with this winter garment will be a look with a visibly finer waist, a flatter abdomen, a couple of centimeters higher and a curved silhouette from the shoulders to the hips that will remind you of sandwatches.

Zara has caused a sensation in the market with a piece of neck raised, long sleeve with shoulder pads, front pockets with flap and frontal closure crossed with spectacular metallic ornamental buttons. Available in a beautiful gray color with beis and black subtones, it can become another of Zara's best-selling winter creations. We will no doubt be obliged to update the lists sooner rather than later.

For sale for a price of 70 euros, we are almost completely convinced that this coat will not come alive to the winter rebates. So we recommend booking it as soon as you've concluded it's a purchase your closet needs.

Buyers who are absolutely fascinated with the coats of those explosive colors of the season may not see much potential in this other model. However, those who go further and think about the future will invest in it without thinking twice. Will you be one of them?

Winning in winter is easy with Zara's new coat
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