Teixidors: the best fabric in Spain is still manufactured in Terrassa

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When in 1983, a social worker with experience in psychiatry, Marta Ribas, and her husband, the technical engineer Juan Ruiz, investigated the market for manual looms in Spain, a light bulb lit up for them: to set up their own company, they it was necessary to buy machinery, they could build it themselves. And so began the journey of a peculiar company called Teixidors, a cooperative of 44 workers that not only stands out for having manufactured its looms in the image and likeness of those of the 19th century, but also for the excellent quality of its products and for the profile of its artisans, all of them with a mental disability (“or learning problems”, as Juan Ruiz, founding partner and head of External Relations, prefers to express it).

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Teixidors: el mejor tejido de España se sigue fabricando en Terrassa

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Teixidors: the best fabric in Spain is still manufactured in Terrassa
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