The eternal years of Meat Loaf

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For a long time that has passed, I still have the touch of the chalk, the numbers on the board and the first vowels.Also the pen stains on school's clothes and the aroma of past times, when the bell sounded and I was shotgun to the street.

Of two strides, I put me at the crossroads, where Bravo Murillo is on the corner of San Germán, where there was once a record store.In his showcase highlighted the vibrant color of a cover;A vignette where a melenudo motorist appeared driving his machine at all gas.He escaped from the cemetery and headed towards a twilight sky.After the motorist, the disturbing figure of a bat displayed his wings on the roof of a tower.

I was always curious about that album.Years later, I found him at a friend of Villaverde.It belonged to the collection of his older brother.As soon as I saw him, I told my friend to put him in the touchra.Then that mystery that had remained hidden for so long cleared.This is how I discovered the music of Meat Loaf, a heavy rock that did not give up the German opera.Stevie Van Zandt tells in his memoir (Kultrum books) that, if he had been German, Meat Loaf would have called Saxony Chata.Beyond the joke, Richard Wagner's influence on Meat Loaf is indisputable.

I liked the album so much that my friend recorded it in one of those 90 -minute tapes that were then.For one face, Meat Loaf sounded and on the other the KISS with their damn album "Music from the Elder", which turned out to be more than a mere coincidence.Because, now that I think about it, both Meat Loaf and Gene Simmons drank from the same sources.In both, its staging was influenced by theater, as well as the world of comic, a graphic dimension that I would discover while listening to that music.

Los años eternos de Meat Loaf

The cover of Meat Loaf was signed by Richard Corben, the American cartoonist who combined sex with the sinister in the same way that Eros is combined with Tanatos.Their fantastic stories, vignettes illustrated in full color, could be found in the kiosks, in monthly publications such as 1984 or Metal Hurlant.Now, the Editorial Planeta has compiled her work, but at that time you had to wait for the next month to know what happened to Den and to all those heroic fantasy characters created by Corben.The story was cut after an irritant "will continue" at the foot of the last vignette.

This was the case, while I was trying to get the chords to the guitar following the music of that Meat Loaf album.It was a guitar that my mother had managed to filling coupons in the spar cards, the supermarkets of that time, and to which the strings had changed to others of electric guitar.I had also put a pill.I remember that with such inventions I loaded the amplifier of the team in the house living room.

With the death of Meat Loaf these assaults of memory come to mind, when the kiosks wore the color of the comics of that time, and I did not dare to dream that one day very distant I would tell it to be read on an illuminated screen.The arrival of the Internet has meant a technological revolution that - among many other things - helps us to find, immediately, any album that previously looked in the showcase of stores like that one before which I stopped my steps.Today is a fruit shop, but in my time they sold records.

For all this, although nostalgia is a common impulse to the human being, and now they sell it to us in its most sick dimension, wrapped in melancholy, we must know how to appreciate the moment we are living.Above all the rest, because he will not return again.

The eternal years of Meat Loaf
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