A scarf, 8 ways to wear it this summer with great style

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It has already become clear that the scarf, as simple as it may seem, is the most versatile accessory of the spring-summer season, since we have gone from wearing it tied around the neck, like the French, to wearing it like the old Hollywood stars, around the head. As the days go by, new ways of introducing the scarf to our outfits are added, taking as an example the models, celebrities and other fashion prescribers who are always at the forefront. Catwalks and streetstyle have given us the key to try even more uses of this iconic accessory, from head to toe (literally). We thought it was not possible!

The multifaceted top

We learned that the scarf can, with little, achieve a lot, and thus become the central element of our looks. The greatest furor has been its top version, either as a bandeau, which consists of tying it crosswise behind the neck, or simply tied at the back. The latter is the bet of the model Toni Garrn, with which she manages to emulate the style of the coolest girls of the nineties.

2/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

Scarves worn as a top open up a world of possibilities in terms of designs, as these will be the ones that take on the greatest presence in your jeans or shorts style. Be daring with this creative tribal print scarf in sober colours, from Cortefiel.

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3/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

The knot ahead

Lucía Rivera is no stranger to this phenomenon and she has wanted to contribute her grain of sand with another widespread way of turning the scarf into a top. If you're one of those who aren't shy about showing a little more skin, flip the 'kerchief top' inside out for a pretty strapless neckline. It's so eye-catching on its own that you don't need to think much about how to finish off the look. A pareo skirt in neutral tones is the key if you want to exactly copy the image of the model, although the combination possibilities are almost endless.

4/18 Ways to wear the scarf this season

Join Lucía Rivera's favorite chromatic range, that gradient in tones that evoke the depths of the sea, with this boho scarf in silk cashmere, from La Redoute Collections.

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5/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

as a hair accessory

Girls who are always in a hurry have a hard time finding new ways to reinvent their wardrobe. For them, the simplest, but striking, trick of the scarf guide: tie yours around your ponytail or intertwine it with your braid. The influencer Julie Sariñana is not the last to apply it, since recently she has called our attention that Victoria de Marichalar is a faithful ambassador of this way of wearing the scarf.

6/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

It sounds trite, but floral print is a warm-weather wardrobe essential that invades even our accessories. The most romantic women will succumb to this design in earth tones, from Springfield, which admits infinite combinations.

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7/18 Ways to wear the scarf this season

If you still can't decide on a single print to adorn your bag, get this patchwork scarf from Pedro del Hierro. Its balanced mix of our favorite prints - paisley, florals, stripes and logos - will make anything it touches come to life.

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8/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

Around the handle of your bag

This data is part of the summer proposals of Missoni and Hermès, luxury brands for which the scarf is usually an essential that brings elegance and innovation to a look. Surely you have wondered a thousand times what to do with that bag that you have already used a thousand times, but that you still love madly. The solution is to wrap the spiral handle with the scarf of your choice, leaving no visible space, and tie a knot at the end of each side. That easy!

- Invest in a raffia bag, the trend that you can now buy on sale

9/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

To any classic bag, a fun scarf in full color. Replicate our secret to recycling that accessory of a thousand lives with this youthful design of distorted flowers with a message, by Parfois.

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10/18 Ways to wear the scarf this season

In the way of the 70's

The scarf tied under the chin is by far the most sophisticated option, clearly reminiscent of the fashion of the sixties, when Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy popularized this trick by wearing it a thousand and one times. In summer, however, it occurs to us to travel to the seventies, as the influencer María Valdés demonstrates, to wear it in the 'pirate' style, on the head and tied with a knot just behind it.

11/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

Whether on the beach or in the city, tropical motifs are striking enough, without being aggressive, to take the reins of a rounded look made up of light basics. This multicolored fantasy scarf, by Joe & Mr. Joe, caught our attention, as it is perfect to combine as María Valdés does.

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12/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

can also be bracelet

It seems easy... and it is, which is why the scarf remains one of Leandra Medine's favorite accessories, who never misses an opportunity to wear it. In the image, the editor of Man Repeller wears it as another bracelet, in shades that match her clothes, although she does not limit herself to this. If you want to give your watches a second chance, you can replace the straps with scarves to turn them into unique bracelets.

13/18 Ways to wear the scarf this season

Your jewels will have a hard time being the center of attention if you wear this mini satin scarf in shades of yellow, from Soeur x La Redoute, a golden investment that you can transform as you wish.

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14/18Givenchy Autumn Winter 2020-2021

A brand new bag

Until now, we thought it would be difficult to have a bag with each of our favorite designs, but this Givenchy proposal has motivated us to the fullest: surround your shopper from below with a large scarf or a scarf and tie four knots, two on each side, around the handle. That's how simple it is to get infinite complements to the use of only one. We thought it would not be possible!

15/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

If you are looking to renew that raffia tote bag that you are going to repeat so much this summer, opt for a scarf with an impact motif, like this one in zebra with frayed ends, courtesy of El Corte Inglés.

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16/18 Ways to wear the scarf this season

If you use a 'logomania' scarf, your bag automatically rises to another level. Take advantage of the sale of this cotton scarf with a logo motif, from Tous, to elevate your shopper instantly.

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17/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

As a belt or sarong

This use of the scarf is already well known, but rarely do we delve into all the possibilities it offers: with a shirt dress, to achieve that 'wasp waist'; between the belt loops of the pants, in order to give life to a jean, shorts or skirt, emulating Emili Sindlev; even wrapped around a belt, as if it were the handle of your bag.

18/18Ways to wear the scarf this season

When talking about scarves, it is impossible to ignore the mythical print of nineties chains that in this silk copy, by Furla, fuses that baroque aesthetic with trendy polka dots.

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