What are you staring at?

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Selective memory.This is how Fernán Mirás' head works (43) and those who know him know that they are part of his charm.A message arrives at the cell phone: "Fernán was delayed ten minutes."They do not pass more than five that he enters the scene, disheveled.He apologizes."I thought he was elsewhere. I get along with the numbers - he can cut." This is 3050, right? "

- No, we are at 3550.

- Four times I had to look at the address.I am one of those who handle with the paper in my hand.Not like normal people, who look at the address and that's it.

For Fernán, numbers are like Chinese ideograms."When I am facing a summary of accounts, I don't know where to start. I don't even know where the expiration date is. My wife takes care of all that."She is María Amelia, translator, mother of Santiago (5) and the twins Sofía and Sebastián (1)."I don't remember how much each one was born or how much they measured."

And with birthdays how do you do?

Forget.They have to warn me. In the family there are several hanging, it is a genetic issue.I always went like this, clueless.He played me against many times, but I also knew how to take advantage of it.

How do you take advantage of?

Hanging is also abstract, I'm going elsewhere.When there are problems, I'm leaving [makes a sound as if it were absorbed by a bubble].Several times I fell asleep while the dentist did all the work.Imagine that at home, with the boys, this is not bad to abstract.

That the three carry the "S" as an initial was intentional?

No not at all.It occurred by chance.They are the names we liked.In a moment we ask ourselves.But the truth is that it was hard for us to find other names that were not those.In the end, we said: we banked it.

Extremely expressive, this is also the actor who once knew how to be tanguito in fierce tango."Doublete," he says, and his face is transformed to the point that in the most informal way one would say a slim, please, for this father of twins."What can I tell you! The double is exhausting, but also amazing, because everything is double. It is very rare to see them grow both, as two individuals," he says, "is as interesting how sexuality is defined in small gestures,How do you [women] do things and how we do them, men. "

What do you mean?

From very babies, when I got home, Sebastián desperately desperate, did the whole circus, jumped like a chabon;Sofia, on the other hand, became the indifferent of her and with the incredible eyelashes of her fluttered her eyes.Clear female power.I have twin friends and say that what is felt is inexplicable, what is shared.It happened to me that Sebastián sucked his hand to Sofia believing that it was her hand.

Floresta neighborhood.Joaquín V. González, very close to Juan B. Justo.The Mirás grew between TV tubes, pianos, batteries and brothers fights.

¿Qué mirás?

Did you suffer the syndrome of being the brother of the middle?

I have my own theory about this.Those who are supposed to know about the subject do not buy it, but my theory is the following - it is arms and as if it were to sound the fingers of the hands, it begins with the explanation.Everyone says that the medium suffers.I had a bomb.When my brother came and hit me, I had who hit him.If they bothered me, I had who bother.For me, all this had some dynamics.The most curious thing is that I am the younger brother for one and the oldest for another.

From the window of his room the lights of Zodiac were seen, the emblematic bowling alley of the neighborhood to which Diego, his brother."Much of my life spent that side of Juan B. Justo. My old woman was a teacher of the Republic of Peru School. In the summer, a colony worked, and my brothers and I were assistants."


Yes, in the plastic class.It was like the second teacher.

At 11 he was clear that he wanted to make beautiful arts in Manuel Belgrano de Barracas.

Did they support you at home?

It was my old man's frustrated career.They didn't leave him.He had to go to work from a young age and study Fine Arts was not seen with good eyes.He draws very well.My mother and dad were always good spectators.The two played the piano.My old woman played anything.She was a guitar teacher.She died ten years ago.I can't tell you the date well.

The music was always present for Fernán Mirás, which is encouraged to talk about three pillars: Beethoven, Pink Floyd, Spinetta.My dad also played the violin.I think it is the most frightening instrument to listen when you are studying.It's as if you listen to a cat to die.A permanent agony.My brother plays the guitar very well;My sister, Paula, the piano.The only thing I had left was fuck with the drums.

Was it for revenge?

For pure revenge, for all the noises that I had to bank [laughs].The truth is that they supported me.They tried to soundproof the room, but it could not.So she hit him with everything.

Like his sister, he scored in the Fine Arts.Her brother followed her dad's path, who was an electronic technician."My old man fixed televisions and my brother climbed on a bench and looked closely at what was happening in there."

And you were not interested in looking at what was there inside?

No, the times I approached a TV was to look at her straight ahead.Sitting and in front.What I did was go buy valves or play in the fourth one earned workshop.My brother [Diego] always liked numbers, technology;instead I….Look at my cell phone [shows a simple device].Diego is brilliant.He has an elevator company that he armed from a young age.

Once his dad said: "There are ages to choose from what to live", and with that spirit Fernán laid himself to give him the side of the performance."At home there was no money to pay any course, so you had to fix them. And I arrived at the Methodist Church of Flores. I am not even baptized and my family is agnostic. My grandmother was a socialist, atheist; my grandfather, half a Catholic.My old woman was baptized as great, at age 18 (I think he really did it to take the against the mother). With all this mambo, my old people told us: do what you want, you decide. In fact, my brotherIt is a guy with more faith. I don't. "

The fact is that with the occasional group of the Church he began to enjoy the performance and everything behind that universe.A group of the group was the one who recommended joining the school of Héctor Bidonde.He was 15 years old and two later the possibility of participating in a work arose."He told me if I wanted to do a test. Everything went. As I began to act, it cost me a lot to finish the Fine Arts. The last year I repeated several times, because I was free."

Are you a long time to draw and paint?

There was a time that yes, but the truth is that no longer.One loses the Training.Santi draws very well.I make great efforts not to make him crazy, I never stimulated him more and I am happy for that.Recognize a Van Gogh because I showed him the paintings as a game.He makes incredible faces, with details.He gets hooked with the monigotes.When he gets vaguely and I say: Che, why you don't do this face well, he replies to me: Dad, he is a playmobil.

Twenty years went from El Amor is stronger in Marcelo Piñeyro's tanguito who was a milestone in national cinema."Thinking of fierce Tango is very rare. I feel it was in another life."

Overnight you became one of the most wanted actors.You were a kind of teenage idol.

It was crazy, but I knew how to keep my feet on the ground, maybe I could do it because I was already working, I had a certain north and was surrounded by people who took care of me.

Recently, the play inspired by the film [now on touring the interior of the country] was released.Did you see her?

Yes, they invited me.It was a rare trip, because scenes that we had filmed and that were not in the film are included.We were so young ... The truth is that it was very interesting to see her.And look at the laps of life: I am about to make a short of Malvinas with Juan Pablo Laplace, who directed the perfidy miniseries.He towards the clampa in fierce tango.

Did you remember old times?

And yes, the other day we found ourselves to rehearse and we spend talking about tango, the days of filming, the lack of controls.He told me that he has a VHS with the test I gave to stay with the character.I am crazy, I want to see that material.

At a time of the son of P ... of the hat, the piece that currently stars together with Pablo Echarri and Nancy Dupláa, Mirás' character says something like the true friends are those of childhood, not those that are made of great."It is a phrase of the work that hits and to which many people refer. For me, it's not like that. It is true that when you have friends of childhood there is some code, a very strong weight, a very pure friendship. In myI do not have so many cases because I moved, I do not continue in the neighborhood. I remember that in the essays of the work we talked about this. Many agreed with that idea.

You wrote the Police Thriller the Testament that you were going to star in with Darío Grandinetti and was in Stand by.

We depended on a co -production with Spain, we will see what happens in the future.I still write, I always liked dramaturgy as a complement to acting.I write a lot and enjoy it a lot.Somehow, I recovered certain aspects of plastic, where times are others.I am a bit reluctant to hurry the result of what I write.I see it as a second vocation and I don't want to force her.

Is what you write good?

I don't write strange things.

What does that mean?

They are for all audiences [laughs], which are not hermetic.Those who read me told me I'm going well.I have some certainty that I am aimed.

They say that with María Amelia's help you improve your look.

They say so, but you women usually do it, right?The truth is that I am not a guy who gives much importance to clothes, but now I understand why.Recently my brother did a test to know if he was Daltonic and it came out that I am half a daltonic ... Hence the problem to combine the colors.

There was a time that confused you with Fabián Vena and even Dabas autographs.Are you still confused?

Actually, there is an explanation for this.What people confuse is the name.It is easy to go from Fernán to Fabián, and to top it off Fabián and I are the same stick, we did very similar things.It's very funny.And it does not happen only to me, many actors are confused.Roly Serrano happens with Tota Santillán.

Something very personal

What are you staring at?
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