3,000 euros for a photo: Thus negotiate brands with the influencer on Instagram

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Advertising aimed at making visible their products through digital channels increases 20%

Experts warn of the risks and lack of regulation in these sponsored contents

An entrepreneur of the cosmetics sector recounts recently through Instagram with a blogger in the bridal sector to invite an event.This influencer, which has more than 80.000 followers in the aforementioned network, an Excel passed him with his fees.The minimum that charged him were 600 euros just for going to the event.

Another communication professional received a similar painful one when he requested a budget for a fashion -related presentation: in this case the influencer charged him 6.000 euros for three mini stories on Instagram.

Social networks have pushed brands to change the showcase in which they are sold and also their prescribers.A decade ago you wanted ideas to buy a dress you went to a fashion magazine.Now Instagram strips.Before the signatures paid the actresses to pose with their products.Today a high percentage resorts to the so -called influencers.

They are, as explained in the sector, the new celebrities of the networks, people in anonymous theory but with hundreds of thousands of followers, whose work is to feed their personal accounts (and their brand) with photos and content that serves as a claim for theNetwork users.

"The influencers have come to stay and work with them has become one of the most effective strategies when connecting with digital users and amplifying messages from a specific brand.They are the best speaker, "says Daniel Dévai, CEO of Epsilon Technologies.

This company has done a study that quantifies the presence of brands on networks.They have analyzed more than 100 signatures from different sectors (hospitality, supermarkets, fashion, food...).Among all add more than 62 million fans on the different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) and incorporate more than one million followers each quarter.

Instagram is the showcase par excellence of this new personal brand business."This network has long become an advertising platform for brands," explains Gosia Pajkowska, fashion expert and professor at the European Design Institute.

Advertising 4.0

"Traditional advertising has lost effectiveness because it is unbelievable.It does not connect with the user because they cannot be identified with their messages.On the other hand, influencers are closer people, sometimes neighbors of the cities where users live.They hold meetings with their fans and show a lifestyle with which their followers feel identified, "says Dévai.

The sample of the pull that has as consumption showcase is that 90% of online consumers have acquired a product on recommendation of some influencer.For Laura Medel, an expert in the matter of the Branward consultancy, the brands "allow them.

Companies increasingly invest in promoting networks and less in other traditional supports.Four out of five brands will allocate 20% more budget on the aforementioned platforms and influencers, according to Nominalia.

In l'oreal, which has a 1 network of 1.600 influencer with those who collaborate in their different campaigns, explain that 30% of all their investment in advertising is already going to digital media.Supermarket chains, energy, automobile, fashion and textile, all sectors have already incorporated this influencer figure to one of their campaigns.

3.000 euros por una foto: así negocian las marcas con los influencer en Instagram

In the Go Talents agency, which makes mediator between influencer and brands, they clarify that the work of these people is to feed their accounts on the networks.This is your profession: to make your own brand, "regardless of the fact that the photos or the contents they publish are or not paid.Not everyone can be influencer, "says Paloma Miranda, founder of this agency that represents 17 girls between 20 and 30 years old.

400.000 euros for four videos

This is a business moves large amounts of money.The brands are reluctant to give concrete examples of what these people pay for networks in networks and are limited to saying that "it varies depending on the profile of the influencer and collaboration".

In Go Talents they say that it can be paid between 300 and 3.000 for hanging a photo on Instagram, for example.Laura Medel, from Brandward, reveals that there is an influencer in our country that "have come to charge 3.500 euros for two photos in an event ".

According to Jorge Peidro, general director of the Peidró Communication, "there are Spanish clients who have disbursed between 8.000 and 10.000 euros for three or four national influencer post with 250.000 followers ".

Cristina Mesa, lawyer of the Garrigues Office, points out that in the fashion sector a campaign can only be made in exchange for products or, on the contrary, set a value of up to 10.000 and 15.000 euros for a photograph on Instagram.

He adds that in the video game sector, one of the most profitable, has seen some youtubers who were paid more than 400.000 euros for campaigns of four or five videos of 20 seconds duration.

"Increasingly high figures are handled and that is why it is very important that influencer can offer concrete results to their potential customers.When we talk about investments of this caliber, the brand must trust only those who can provide measurable and concrete results, "warns the lawyer.

The impact of these collaborations is measured after.It is not enough to go to an event or publish some photos.The brands are required to influence results."A rigorous analysis of the metrics after each public.

Types of contract

Specialists warn that in this negotiation between brand and influencer sometimes problems arise from the normative vacuum that exists around this relatively new phenomenon."From a legal point of view, working the relationship between the brand and the influencer is a challenge since we move in a sector very accustomed to informality that brands are still learning to handle," explains lawyer Cristina Mesa.

The most accustomed sectors to have this type of prescribers (fashion, video games, food...) They usually go to specialized agencies, although some influencer prefer to directly hire brands to have greater control over their careers.

"The most professionalized do so through their own agents.Anyway, among the youngest, we still find influencer whose careers are managed directly by their parents, "says the jurist of Garrigues.

Paloma Miranda, from Go Talents, explains that this agency actually functions as one of models."The brands contact us when they want to perform a campaign with some influencer and we make intermediaries between these girls and companies," he says.

As he explains, sometimes the brand asks for a certain profile, other times they go with a specific budget and the agency tries to adapt to it.In other cases, customers arrive with the idea and are looking for the most appropriate person.

In this employment relationship, big brands usually leave all well -tied ends.Mónica Pueyo, Director of Social Influence of L'Oreal Paris, explains that the multinational has a database in which all the collaborators appear.The brand ambassadors are those with which l'oreal has a stronger link.

In Mango "they are made contracts per season, which includes a series of posts and events to events," they explain in the fashion chain.Remuneration "depends on the profile of the influencer and whether it is a specific agreement or a more general collaboration".

Mislead the consumer

Experts warn that these contents in networks can sometimes mislead the consumer, who does not know how to discern when it is an advertising content and when not.

"We are facing a form of advertising that still has a specific regulation in Spain but is subject to the general principles of advertising.Among these is the prohibition of covert advertising, which requires, in general, that advertising messages are identified as such, "explains Cristina Mesa.

His (and does not always happen) is that the consumer knows that he is receiving an advertising message, and not a spontaneous recommendation by the influencer.There are brands that do force their collaborators to label these interventions in the networks as advertising.

This is the case of L'Oréal, which given the immense network of collaborators that it has (1.600) has created a kind of code of good practices in which they set, point by point, the ethical standards that must be followed in all interventions.

From Instagram they explain that they have tools to help users to make visible when a post is the result of an agreement, as well as analytics to see how campaigns have worked.According to the data provided by this social network, half of the users in Spain follow business accounts."Since its launch, the platform has been the place where people go to discover new brands and products," they say.

"The role of public relations agencies must be key in the mediation between brands and influencer to give more strategic criteria to this collaboration and avoid a bubble that is click on its uncontrolled growth," says Jorge Peidró, of the Peidró Agency.

Brand problems

For the expert, this business "is out of control" and sometimes "from some brands work by impulse, without defining a communication strategy, without following specific criteria of what you want to communicate.This makes them sometimes position together with influencer that collide frontally with the brand's values ".

Enrique Arnaiz, of the IPSOS consultancy, agrees that, although it is true that the ability of these people to connect with the consumer is greater, "the control of brands on this type of communication is less than the most conventional actions", asSpot on television or press advertising, for example.

According to Mesa, "for the reputation of a brand it can be disastrous to make mistakes with the influencer", because you put your image in the hands of third parties.If, for example, you are a firm that presumes to defend the rights of animals and one of your influencer hangs on its Instagram profile a photo in a bullfight, this would subtract credibility between your audience.

On Instagram they explain that "only those influencer that have a real brand and a store with online inventory can access Shopping", which is the tool that allows users to navigate their favorite brands and click on a product to buy it.


"The collaboration with people whose values do not fit the brand can end up having a very negative effect on it," says Mesa, who explains that, to avoid it, many signatures are shielding well fixing what are the rules of the game at the time at the timeto sign a contract.

In Garrigues, for example, they include clauses on content approval and about the possibility of demanding the withdrawal of it in case the message released is harmful to the brand or the values it represents.

"Mechanisms must also be facilitated that allow the contract to be completed when the influencer is not complying with the brand's expectations," explains the law firm expert.

Laura Medel, from Brandward, points out that many brands have a crisis management plan that responds to unforeseen.For example, if an event is going to be organized and the influencer that had to go.Or if once the publications appear saboteators in the unhappy networks or consumers with the collaboration.

These preventive plans take into account all the scenarios in which a problem, the evaluation tools (to determine the impact and the damage) could be given and how it will act in each of them.

According to Pueyo, from L'Ireal, "the important thing is to build long -term relationships, beyond a commercial relationship.It's about building image with them.Not everything is worth or add ".

3,000 euros for a photo: Thus negotiate brands with the influencer on Instagram
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