A sacrilegious "Mass" is celebrated in Malaga ...

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por INFOVATICANA | 05 noviembre, 2019

El sacerdote ha pedido disculpas: "I'm very regretful.I apologize to God and Church »

El pasado viernes 1 de noviembre se celebró una «misa» sacrílega en la Parroquia de la Encarnación de Álora (Málaga). La ceremonia, en la que participó la comunidad inglesa, fue «concelebrada» por el párroco Juan Jesús y la reverenda Jenny, procedente de New Castle.Se celebra una «misa» sacrílega en Málaga… Se celebra una «misa» sacrílega en Málaga…

The news was posted on the Facebook wall of the parish, however, it has been removed by the controversy that has raised.

Today in the afternoon, in the South newspaper they commented on the controversy and report that the priest at a request forgiveness before the stir that has had the news:

The participation of an Anglican Reverend in a mass held in the parish of the incarnation of the Malaga town of Álora has unleashed the controversy after some images have been disseminated in which this minister of the Church of England is seen holding the chair holding the ChaliceOn the altar next to the parish priest, Juan de Jesús Báez, and accompanying him next to the Ambón, wearing a white stole on his neck.The reverend in question is Jenny Lancaster and her presence in Álora is due to its link with a Newcastle choir, whose diocese belongs.As this newspaper has been able to know, the director of this choir, Jonathan Scott, has a house in Álora and hence he has thrown some roots in this town, in which he has a special relationship with the Brotherhood of the Virgen de los Dolores Coronada.

On November 1, feast of all saints for the Catholic Church, this choir and reverend Jenny Lancaster participated in a mass in the parish of Álora and offered a concert.However, the same thing already happened in November 2017, although on that occasion the photographs of the Anglican minister participating in the Mass had an impact together with the parish priest of the town, which on Tuesday has shown to this newspaper its regret for thecontroversy generated.

Se celebra una «misa» sacrílega en Málaga…

"I'm very regretful.I apologize to God and Church, ”said Juan de Jesús Báez, who explained that his intention was never to commit a sacrilege.«My only intention has been to host them with affection.I have a lot of appreciation and the reverend Jenny is a woman of God.I am surprised by the stir that has been generated, I have sinned as a naive, ”said this priest, who has written a letter to the bishop of Malaga, Jesús Catalá, to apologize for what happened and put at his disposal, after sinceThe diocese will call the order for this fact.This priest, Mexican of birth, was ordered in 1998 by Bishop Antonio Dorado and was previously a pastor in other villages of Malaga, as well as in the Venezuelan mission of Caicara del Orinoco, developed by the Malaga church.In 2016, he took possession as a parish priest of the town of Álora.(Posted by Jesús Hinojosa in Diario Sur)

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A sacrilegious "Mass" is celebrated in Malaga ...
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