A young entrepreneur buys the attic of the Duke of Lerma to open a restaurant

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Four months took a buyer one of the penthouses, without a doubt, more quoted in the capital and another four more were necessary to close the sale for an amount around one million euros.The operation concluded on Thursday of last week and, since then, the roof of the capital, as is the last glazed plant of the Duke of Lerma building, is already owned by a young Valladolid businessman based in Madrid.

The owner, Alberto Gutiérrez, anticipates that his idea is to open up there, 87 meters high, a restaurant and a drink bar "with the improvements views of the city", which later plans to incorporate a small luxury luxury luxury.To do this, it has an area of 711 square meters built (550 useful).

What moved the buyer to embark on this adventure?Well, Alberto himself, who is 32 years old and is the founder of a web network dedicated to the travel organization (the original portal is civitatis.com), assures that he does it simply because he feels like.And it can, of course."I am Valladolid, and although it had been in Madrid for almost nine years, I know this lifelong building, so as soon as I learned that I was on sale, I called, I went to see it and impacted me so much that I decided to buy it that same day,"He recounts.

Un joven empresario compra el ático del Duque de Lerma para abrir un restaurante

That happened at the end of March.Then four months were necessary to close the purchase fringes with the CEISS Bank (Caja España-Duero), the previous owner following the march of the architecture study that occupied the attic of the Duke of Lerma for almost a decade since the year since the year2003, when it was bought by 900.000 euros.

A mole of 23 plants

La historia

"It is not an easy sale in the times that run, above all, for the volume of square meters, but the truth is that it has been a quick operation," says Luis González, the real estate subway manager who participated in the operation, whoIt clarifies that it is “a commercial premises that, at the expense of the relevant municipal licenses, can be used for a hotel or similar use, since it has emergency exits, an outer ladder of anti -capital iron and the lower floor, in addition, it isempty when used as a tendard of the community formed by 120 homes distributed over its 23 plants ».

So, in principle, the current owner would have a free way to carry out, finally, the original project for which the current attic was built, which was attached to the original structure during the integral remodeling of the building carried out in 1999.No one wanted, or could, then mount a restoration business and the attic was empty for four years, until the arrival of the aforementioned architecture study (Arquidex), which occupied it until about two years ago.

The original building, in fact, was destined to house a huge five -star hotel when projected in 1968, but ended up abandoned and went through innumerable vicissitudes during the three decades later until its final inauguration 31 years later on December 13, 1999.But never, at least until now, had a hotel use.

Before the end of the year

And that is precisely what Alberto Gutiérrez, a young businessman who, although he lacks linking to the sector, as he recognizes himself, defends that it is a personal challenge that arose from an arrow during a visit to the attic isthat barely lasted an hour."It impressed me a lot and, after considering what businesses could be taken there, I decided on the idea of a restaurant, to then add a bar and, if you can, a luxury hotel," says the new owner.

Its objective, in principle, is to launch the first business "before the next Christmas if everything goes well with the subject of licenses".This project, on which others would turn, goes through “an affordable restaurant for all pockets, with average prices that would be around 20 or 25 euros, so that everyone who wants to enjoy the spectacular views of the city of 360degrees offered by this attic ».

So nothing of stars, suns or holders behind the tables of a diningThe Capital Tower reaches 62 meters to the point of visible and 69 to the heart of Jesus that crowns the dome.

"My intention is to revolutionize the sector and offer a spectacular place for the Valladolid and people who, like me, although I am from here and come quite frequently, visit our city," summarizes Alberto Gutiérrez before anticipating that he intendssolve adinstrative issues this summer.


A young entrepreneur buys the attic of the Duke of Lerma to open a restaurant
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