An Argentina in the organization of the Met Virtual Gala

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High Fashion Twitter (@HFMetGala) es un grupo de gente joven de diferentes partes del mundo que se dedica desde su cuenta a postear, debatir y aprender sobre moda. Uno de los eventos que más trae unión a esta comunidad es la Met Gala, ya que se discute lo que sucede previo, durante y posteriormente a ese día. La pandemia, complico este debate, pero la comunidad pensó en hacer su propia MET Gala, dentro de Twitter, y bajo sus propias reglas.Una argentina en la organización de la Met Gala virtual Una argentina en la organización de la Met Gala virtual

The main goal is to give a platform to young and new designers and creatives that are part of the community.To participate it is necessary to register in a form consisting of five categories and different ways of being part.The options are: Photoset Creation, a Moodboard/Collage representing the look you would wear.

In Brand Challenge, as Anna Wintour (director of Vogue Us) for the Met Gala is usually done, a random brand is assigned to those who choose this category.An Argentina, Sofía Abadi, in charge of the visual identity and branding of the event, says: “The idea was to choose not so well -known brands or those that are not talked so much to make the participant have to get into their files and reportmore of the same ”.

Wardrobe Styling, consists of creating your own look with clothes you have at home.Finally, Illustration Expression, is a sketch of an original look designed by the participant and, finally, a freer option where the user can be part of this in the manner of it.

Following the steps of the original event, the @HFmetgala team decided to collect funds for the IMC (International Medical Corps), an international humanitarian organization that helps in times of crisis.During the pandemic, BMI is training thousands of health workers and providing supplies around the world.In exchange for a donation of 5 USD, the team decided to create its own e-book with texts on the theme and the best looks of the HF Met Gala, inspired by the one Andrew Bolton does every year.

Una argentina en la organización de la Met Gala virtual

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Last year, the edition was inspired by Camp aesthetics, taking as reference the 1946 Susan Sontag's essay, Notes on Camp.The co-elans of the night were Lady Gaga, winging Michele, Harry Styles, Serena Williams and of course, Anna Wintour.This year, the theme is entitled About Time: Fashion and Duration (Time: Fashion and its permanence), the theme is linked to the anniversary of the 150 years of the MET and with several sources of inspiration.The announced co-elans were Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Nicolas Ghesquière, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Anna Wintour.Officially, they announced that they will review the best moments of events before Moment With the Met (a moment with the MET) and will be broadcast live on YouTube.

Aria Olson, proposed to build this virtual event and convened through Twitter, to form a staff that is in charge of the entire organization. The group is made up of 11 women from different parts of the world with varied professions and ages: Aria Olson (@pughory), recently graduated from Aerospace Engineer at age 19 and starting a master's degree in Industrial Engineering, Kansas, Missouri (USA); Alejandra Beltrán (@wrkhs), student of Industrial Engineering and Design, 21 years old, from Bogotá, Colombia; Chloe Kennedy (@leoinlaurent), 19 years, studying English teachers, Houston, Texas (USA); Jana Dragićević (@yohjiyamamotoes), high school student, 15 years old, Belgrade, Serbia; Margaux Merz (@thegirlinmiumiu), a fashion and visual communication journalism student, 19 years old, from Ann Arbor, MI (USA); Perla Montan (@perlamontan), fashion design student in IFA (Paris), 19, from the Dominican Republic, living in Massachusetts (USA); Raebele (@infurgadiso), 18, ending high school, of the Philippine Islands; Rebeca Spitz (@richcityPretty), Visual Arts, 20 years old, born in Bolivia, living in Washington DC; Samantha Haran (@decouturize), a student of law, 21 years old, from Sri Lanka, living in Queensland, Australia; Senam Attipoe (@mymy_miumiu), a student of Public Health Sciences, 20 years, from Ghana, living in Elkridge Maryland (USA); Sofía Abadi (@saintlia), graphic design student at the UBA, 22 years old, Buenos Aires, Argentina. World Pandemia has brought with it the deconstruction of the most exclusive and coveted event of the fashion industry. Both proposals are inclusive and accessible to anyone who wants to participate, something unthinkable until less than a year ago. Through virtual platforms, we can become part of incredible moments and experiences. Will it be the beginning of a new era?

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An Argentina in the organization of the Met Virtual Gala
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