Apocalyptic fashion: This is the trend that will reign in 2022

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Si te preguntas cómo consumir la moda de una forma responsable y consciente, sumérgete en la tendencia que dominará el panorama estilístico en 2022.

By Rebeca DomènechLa moda apocalíptica: Así es la tendencia que reinará en 2022 La moda apocalíptica: Así es la tendencia que reinará en 2022

The 2022 trends that will dominate the stylistic scenario mark that the future of fashion will be apocalyptic.However, understanding in depth the concept of aesthetics that will prevail in the coming months, can be - sometimes - an arduous task.We have arranged, then, to immerse ourselves in this current, with the aim of investigating the true meaning that is hidden after the ‘apocalyptic fashion’ and knowing the best sources of inspiration that currently exist to defend it.

What is apocalyptic fashion?

Although it is a term that has been living with other trends in 2022 for a while, the fashion weeks and the entertainment industry have ruled that this year it will arrive stepping stronger than ever.The appearance - and the boom - of ephemeral tendencies has caused the fashion sector to reach a vertiginous rhythm, inciting the presence of microtendences that come and go, being conceived as a danger to today's society, taking into account that they encourage aunbridled and excessive consumption.

This waste has unleashed an obsession with the ‘Thneed’, a concept released through the Tiktok social platform.Far from being a trend, this aims to erect itself as the best ally of those who seek to bet on collections designed for the good of the environment and moved by the needs of the consumer today.

But how has this idea reached our cabinets?Well, the ‘Thneed’ was collected from the book (and movie) ‘The Lórax’ by writer Dr. Seuss.It is a revolutionary creation in fable format that was promoted in order to show the constant danger in which nature is.To do this, this creative personified the creature called ‘El Lórax’, which represents speaking in the name of the trees.In history, the ‘Thneed’ is a woven object with the foliage of the truffle tree that has a way that makes it possible to modify and adapt it.

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La moda apocalíptica: Así es la tendencia que reinará en 2022

By Rebeca Domènech

The really impressive thing is that the object in question has a similar form to that of a sweater, which is why it was understood that any piece of clothing can be altered according to our intentions.That is, every garment can be presented as we decide.Following this thought, an ideal movement was triggered to achieve stylistic formulas with imagination, originality and, above all, responsibility.

Maximalism, overlap of outfits, clothing off upside down and cuts will define the apocalyptic fashion trend that has already managed'Dune' (2021) starring Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet.

A film bet with a plot inspired by superhuman warriors and creatures located ten thousand years in the future.The film has experts in costumes such as Bob Morgan and Jacqueline West who have significantly influenced the construction of the contemporary apocalyptic fashion concept.The distillation suits observed in ‘Dune’ are stillsuits, that is, futuristic designs that transform sweat residues into filtered water and a gas that cools the body.Confections that tell us why different creative directors in the fashion industry have decided to bet on multifunctional items that will lead us to be more saving and conscious.Know them and emulate their proposals!

Where has the trend of apocalyptic fashion and how to dress it to be witnessed?

Con minivestido y sandalias

Apocalyptic fashion makes its way in 2022 and even includes some indispensable garments for this year.This was predicted by Balmain in his spring-summer collection 2022. The firm proposed to embrace the trend with a mini-distressed made based on strips cuts that can be associated in the minds of the most creative, for example, to the bandages with whichThey wrapped the mummies and that are usually closely related to zombies.

Con vestido midi y microtop transparente

Givenchy, on the other hand, interprets the apocalyptic fashion and does so by making a three -quarter manga dress with the asymmetric bass.The same is covered with transparent tissue in the form of microtop.

Con minivestido semitransparente y tenis

Loewe, on the occasion of his spring of 2022, proposes to enter the universe of transparencies, choosing to boost dresses made from fluid (and semi -transparent) fabrics that run free freedom.

Con vestido asimétrico en color neutro

Acne Studios did not want to miss the opportunity to opt for a positive change in the fashion industry and has promoted a monochor creation that is characterized by the overlap of layers of tissue.

Con suéter y minivestido, de acuerdo a Y/Project

We have also witnessed multifunctional garments in the Spring 2022 collection of the firm and/Project.Skirts as a couple that could become tops and minidants that invite to be carried as lingerie inspiration pieces.

Con shorts, blusa transparente y botas hasta los muslos, de acuerdo a Rick Owens

The American creative director, Rick Owens, has raised as one of the greatest referents to know how to defend apocalyptic fashion.In its Spring 2022 collection we observe semi -transparent blouses that cover lucid swimsuits as a bodies, along with shorts.Likewise, the firm is committed to high boots to the thighs that are a hybrid between pants and footwear, a trend better known as Pantboots.

Apocalyptic fashion: This is the trend that will reign in 2022
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