Behind Lady Gaga's spectacular wardrobe in ‘House of Gucci’

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En la piel de Patrizia Reggiani para la esperada película, ‘House of Gucci’, Lady Gaga ha despertado un creciente interés por las piezas vintage de la maison.

Por Lilah RamziDetrás del espectacular guardarropa de Lady Gaga en ‘House of Gucci’ Detrás del espectacular guardarropa de Lady Gaga en ‘House of Gucci’

At the beginning of this summer, the public could see Lady Gaga as the infamous Patrizia Reggiani in the film, 'House of Gucci' - which will be released at the end of this month - when the producer shared a photograph in whichThe star was appreciated with the lips enameled in burgundy and the dyed hair of a color as dark as the bitumen and spongy as the sufflé, the actress wore a mink coat and a leather robe with the iconic gucci monogram.

In summary, Lady Gaga seemed in the images that we have been able to see from 'House of Gucci', Mrs. Gucci that Patrizia Reggiani had traced and planned to be, before she hired a hired killer in 1995 to shoot herHusband, Maurizio Gucci - interpreted by Adam Driver -, heir to the fortune Gucci.(When a journalist asked her why she had not done the job herself, Reggiani replied: "My view is not very good, I did not want to fail’).

The film, directed by Ridley Scott, is set, mainly, in the first years of the 90s, long before Alessandro Michele preached the geek elegance to his disciples and just before Tom Ford restored the brand, because inThat time, Gucci had lost its prestige due to overexposure.

Detrás del espectacular guardarropa de Lady Gaga en ‘House of Gucci’

The costume designer, Janty Yates, 'bought a lot of Gucci garments on eBay and dressThe costume tests lasted up to five hours).

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In the character, Lady Gaga adopts an Italian accent deliberately devoid of romanticism, dressed in luxurious dresses with golden buttons and silk blouses with neck ties.The costume is a mixture of vintage findings and garments adapted to the time, in fact, two pieces come from the Gucci file - unlike some members of the Gucci family, the maison has supported production - and a silver mesh lookHe was lent by the protagonist of 'A Star is Born'.Janty Yates also called High Jewelry houses like Bulgari and Boucheron and asked to lend some pieces, because he knew that jewelry would not be enough (as Patrizia Reggiani said on one occasion, 'it is better to cry in a rolls-royce than to be happyon a bike').

Since the publication of that first image of Lady Gaga in ‘House of Gucci’, the interest in this period of Gucci has been increasing, even the Italian Maison has reissued that same tunic, a 1969 design taken from the files.‘It is difficult to find a Gucci before Tom Ford’, says Cherie Balch, the saleswoman behind the online store of vintage garments, Shrimpton Couture.

Therefore, getting the authentic look of ‘House of Gucci’ will require a certain strategy.That said, 1stdibs, dressing and Etsy have a large number of hobo bags with red and green stripes, as well as wallets with bamboo handles from the 60s to 90s (vintage council: inside the bags, the logo ofGucci must appear mostly in printed letter, not in the Serif's typography of the Ford reign).

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Back to the Gucci headquarters in Milan, the brand constantly seeks inspiration in its file - let's think in the recent reissue of the Diana bag and in the famous appropriation by Harry Styles of the Jackie bag.In the Centenaria Aria de Gucci collection of this spring, the catwalk presented the flora print designed for Grace Kelly in 1966 and the seducer Red velvet suit of Tom Ford.Will Lady Gaga's outfits follow feeding vintage fashion?The current wardrobe of her seems to be quite gucci.

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Behind Lady Gaga's spectacular wardrobe in ‘House of Gucci’
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