Black Friday

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It was as if a domestic, small and familiar tornado had passed, less destructive perigual for indomiting.The garments that, I suppose, the dependents had placed with order and care at the beginning of the day appeared piled up on the counters or precisely hung from a sleeve in the exhibitor, while many others cried abandoned on the ground next to scattered hangers and folly.Some, a shirt fell out of their hands while looked at others, and left her on the floor.You could not walk through the halls, which the day before seemed wide, and you had to make long minutes of tail before the boxes without letting you pass by the testers, closed for alleged security measures against the Covid.

That was the scenario unvilized last Friday in Bahía Sur, apparentwords as different from how they are written and without knowing what they mean.We had scheduled almost unplazable purchases for that afternoon, without falling into the coincidence of such a commercial date, and we were surprised by the tide.It happened to us once, while we left the hypermarket with an almost ridiculous sparkling, we had to wait in a tail full of televisions the size of a marriage bed.

Black viernes

Be that as it was, we flee with a sudden inspiration: "If everyone is in South Bay, Real Street will be calmer".The rae says that 'rare error' is that so big that it cannot be forgiven.Well that.The center was equally congested, with an aspect similar to those of those ancient days in which after the horsepower everyone threw himself into the desperate mission of the last purchases.Again, our astonishment was the result of the dismissal of what does not interest us.Some friends took us out of ignorance: "It is that today they light the Christmas lighting!".Wow, another social order to agglomerate in unison that we had disregarded.

I remembered once again the 'desiderata' that made so much between the hippie movement: "walk placid between noise and hurry, and think about the peace that can be found in silence", but between shoves and races to witnessThe microsecond in which thousands of bulbs are lit, I was not completely capable of achieving it.

Black Friday
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