Blue Monday: this is how fashion influences your mood

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The third Monday of the year is known worldwide as 'Blue Monday', the saddest day of the year. After a study that confirms that this day is marked by a lack of motivation, and there are several reasons to feel depressed. Therefore, you have to try to overcome it in the best way. And in addition to giving ourselves the odd whim and taking advantage of the sales, you can also do it through your clothes. Yes, you read it right.

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The personal image consultant specializing in emotional styling Marta Barnils explains that color causes a physical reaction, and can change our state of mind. cheer up. You just have to be aware of what each color contributes and its importance.

According to the expert, when we get dressed the first thing that happens is that the color of the clothes directly affects the emotional state of a person. Each tone influences different psychological aspects and, also depending on how you combine them with each other, will influence the type of reaction we have. "These sensations predispose us to have specific attitudes that affect our way of thinking," says Barnils.

Blue Monday: this is how fashion influences your mood

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On the one hand, there are “vivid colors like red, yellow and orange, which activate us, give us energy and vitality” and on the other hand, another, "sad colors like black and gray that convey sadness and pessimism." This does not mean that a person who is used to dressing in sad colors does not mean that he is not a happy person. “Black clothing is also synonymous with elegance and gray with professionalism. They transmit a professional and serious image”, emphasizes Barnils.

For this 'Blue Monday', the image consultant recommends wearing green, sky blue and purple since they are tones that contribute to "emotional healing". These colors invite you to have more open ideas, to be more proactive. In addition, it also emphasizes "how you wear the outfits" as a fundamental part of the whole to transmit "an authentic and true image".

Now that we know what shades we should wear to face the saddest day of the year, all that remains is to choose the right clothes and accessories.

Blue Monday: this is how fashion influences your mood
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