Burberry creates the 5 looks that never go out of fashion (and you'll always look amazing)

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Vogue for burberrySi, an iconic English brand referred to by its timeless allure, shows us the looks-no expiry date-for autumn.


In a world where tendencies lose their validity even before making themselves known, how do you create your own style? It all starts with beginning to appreciate what we have in the closet and what we want to add to it, understanding that quality will never be the same as quantity. Of course, it goes hand in hand with knowing those brands willing to reinvent even the most classic garments, such as Burberry, from the hand of his Outerwear collection.

Whether due to its terreous tones or its warm textures, Burberry is a brand that we connect with the coldest seasons of the year and which, with an allure as elegant as it is unmad, has given us classic garments that, despite being still in force, the brand continues to reinventing them. What better than your expertise to give us the style lessons we need for this season, hand in hand with a talented model and iconic Burberry pieces.

That is why, from Paola Rodríguez 's hand, we have deciphered which sets never lose their validity.

Capas y más capas

Burberry crea los 5 looks que NUNCA pasan de moda (y con los que siempre te verás INCREÍBLE)

For autumn, winter and those rare cold spring days, this look is an absolute hit. The model orchestrates it with an inner garment and a classic shirt in a Nivea range, while contrasting them with loose dress pants, risky boots and a black coat with an edgy air inside. The final touch is placed by the gold accessories in the hands and ears, providing an allure glam.

Corazón de rockstar

If you're going to a concert or going out with your friends, then maybe you need a set with slightly riskier airs. What better than a knit on the nude, a skirt and black boots, a quilted jacket under the same chromatic range, matching and clear purse, a slightly oversized necklace to shine in the crowd.

Para un escape relajado

There are days when effortless elegance is achieved with a white t-shirt. This is tangible in the combination that wears one, a pair of black pants, autumn boots and a jacket with a classic print (such as those that characterize Burberry). If we add undisturbed accessories such as a bucket hat, sunglasses oversize, a black bag and a gold bracelet, we have everything to prove that a look of timeless elegance can also be-very-comfortable.

Juego cromático

For those windy days, nothing like the iconic piece of English firm nude: its great trench coat (made with waterproof material), combined with a white t-shirt, dress pants, boots and a matching bag, maintaining absolute elegance thanks to the colors that are selected.

Desenfado total

This is not achieved without the help of a jacked puffer that has an elegant and bold allure simultaneously, with a model that goes with the print that this house has turned an English reference: its unforgettable Burberry check, adding to a white shirt, comfortable pants, black tennis, white socks and sunglasses if required, as well as golden earrings in oversize dimensions.

Although each set has elements in common, they open the possibilities depending on our imagination. Let yourself immerse yourself in the world of Burberry to learn not only the sartorial lessons of the moment, but also to discover how elegance is achieved with an effortless allure.

Burberry creates the 5 looks that never go out of fashion (and you'll always look amazing)
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