Spring-summer 2022 trend colors The colors you must have in your wardrobe in 2022

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We have been observing the same scene for many years: the stores at the start of the sales already have a season preview. "The real cold hasn't arrived yet and spring is already here," many of us think when we see the shelves of fashion stores full of tank tops. It is a more than normal thought, but after so many years in the world of fashion I have realized that knowing in advance the trends that will mark the next season is not a bad idea.

To get into what will be worn, my best advice is to find out what the star shades will be. We have been bombarded with the 'Very Peri', the color of this year. But it is a tone that will not come alone, since other great protagonists will be pink, white and pastel shades. Of course, all of them combined with each other or in a monochrome way.

In this article, I not only want to make you aware of the trend colors in 2022, since the exciting thing is to know why these colors are worn and not others. We are all tired of the situation we are experiencing worldwide and this makes even the strongest have moments of weakness. Colors are therapeutic and surrounding or dressing ourselves with them is a call to something, in this case, the search for happiness.

Let's start with pink which, like all colors, has great admirers and also detractors. This love-hate relationship is shared with many other shades, but let's meet this friendly color. It is a hue that symbolizes kindness, positivity, the sentimental aspect, sensitivity, good manners, childhood and innocence. According to color psychology, pink is a sign of hope and inspires warmth and feelings of comfort. In addition, it projects good thoughts and the idea that everything will be fine. Sounds great, so let's go for a look with hints of pink. You sign up?

The white color, one of my favorites, is perfect to use near the face when we are tired. We can use it in the form of an upper part, an earring, like a pearl: or simply with a pretty scarf or scarf to give our skin a light blow and improve the appearance of a tired face. White is the first of all colors, a hue associated with peace, purity, and cleanliness. Dare to wear white in your day to day, you will see how even in the rainiest days it convinces you.

Finally, we find the pastel colors. Color is a silent language that has a vibration like music. Experiencing color is an objective and subjective experience. In this case, pastel tones evoke openness and relaxation, but each one has its own connotations. For example, pastel blues symbolize peace and harmony, while greens represent hope, renewal, and birth. Pastel yellow tells us about the joy of living and happiness. And pastel pink shows a new game and a new beginning.

Try new combinations, break patterns and paradigms, bet on change, be brave after overcoming small fears. Get out of the routine and dare to innovate by simply using new colors in your clothing. The image is an attitude, do not forget it.

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Spring-summer 2022 trend colors The colors you must have in your wardrobe in 2022
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