With diversity as the axis: this is how the Royal Parade was lived in Córdoba

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100 Cordovan models paraded this Wednesday on the steps of the Coniferal del Parque Sarmiento as part of the ninth edition of the Royal Parade. Photos.

Julia CandellerWednesday, November 17, 2021

The traffic jam in the area of ​​Hombre Urbano and around Parque Sarmiento was an indication. Something big was coming. It may be that more than one distracted person did not know what was happening, but "something was happening". After months in which events were prohibited and punished, experiencing massive gatherings again was an event that deserved to be celebrated in a big way.

This Wednesday, the steps of the Coniferal del Parque Sarmiento dressed up and were the meeting point for local designers and entrepreneurs who exhibited their collections as part of the ninth edition of the Royal Parade, organized by the Municipality of Córdoba and the agency Giorgio Mountain. The event was scheduled for 7:30 p.m., but it was not until half an hour later that Sergio Zulani and Gabriela Vieyra formally started the meeting.

The first pass was musicalized by Cau Bornes. The Brazilian singer sang Soy Cordobés while around him the feathers and glitter of the models parading around him gave a carnivalesque atmosphere to this meeting that for two years, as a result of the pandemic, could not be carried out.

"It is a real parade, due to the reality of the people who are participating," Zuliani pointed out in one of his speeches, detailing that inclusion and diversity were transversal axes in all proposals that would be presented throughout the evening, and so It was. More than 100 models of different genders, ages and sizes paraded down the extensive steps of the park.

For more than two hours, and despite the coolness of the night, the color, the floral prints and the bright tones (which were replicated in almost all the local collections) brought warmth to the meeting. The evening looks incorporated glitter, sequins, leather appliqués and some play on textures capable of giving monochromatic styles a touch of class. Sportswear, gala clothes, lingerie, swimwear, looks to go out or for every day, Cordovan design offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to dressing and the Royal Parade made it evident once again.

Although fashion was the main reason for this meeting, music also played an important role. The quartet was present at the hands of Magui Olave (who sang halfway through the event and after 10 pm was in charge of closing) and then also with Wally, singer of Sabroso. Leticia Chiabrando Gardela was another woman from Cordoba who shone not only on the catwalk (she modeled a Claudio Barzábal dress) but also showed off her talent as a soprano opera singer.

Inclusion and commitment

In addition to the diversity of sizes, genders and ages, there were also local proposals committed to triple impact (social benefit + environmental benefit + profitability). This was the case of Be-Humano, a Carlos Paz brand that put on the catwalk eco-sustainable garments with a classic and elegant cut where white, nude and black tones predominated. Clothes with classic lines, simple with a high degree of sophistication.

To see

The Royal Parade will be broadcast on a deferred basis and for the entire country this Saturday, November 20, by Canal Magazine, hosted by Mili Felizzia.

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With diversity as the axis: this is how the Royal Parade was lived in Córdoba
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