Cruella arrived!Punk and fashion style '70 with all the details.Where and how much it costs to see it

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In the same way -and with the same price- that happened with Raya and the last dragon, Cruella, the new real action movie from Disney lands in available theaters this Friday and simultaneously on Disney+ through Premier Access, for a final one-time price of $1,050.

The same thing will happen on July 9 when it's the turn of Marvel's long-awaited Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson.

A subscriber to Premier Access will be able to watch the movies as many times as they want on their devices, without time limits, interruptions or other limitations than those stipulated in the subscription agreement.


Fashion takes center stage in Cruella. Not only because the leading characters are passionate about design, but because Cruella de Vil was, is, and will forever be a fashion icon on the screen.

Creating the costumes that the characters wear -and design- was not an easy task. The one chosen to lead such a mission? Renowned costume designer Jenny Beavan, winner of two Oscars for her work on Mad Max: Fury Road and One Love in Florence.


When taking the first steps in the process of designing the costumes for the film, Jenny looked to the most diverse sources for inspiration. " The film takes place in the '70s, and I was around that decade so I know it very well and I remember what people were wearing at the time," she says.

"The feeling is that Estella would have gone to vintage clothing stores on Brick Lane in London, when it was a second-hand clothing market," he describes, while pointing out that the The work of designers like John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood was also part of the inspiration.

As for the Baroness, renowned for her classic and sophisticated style, the issues of Vogue magazine from those years were the perfect source to immerse herself in the high fashion of the moment, in the hands of iconic designers such as Balenciaga and Dior.

Cruella is here! Punk and fashion style '70 with all the details. where and how much it costs to see it


Jenny Beavan says Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were the perfect muses to fuel her creative process. In the case of Stone, whose character wears 47 different looks in the film, the designer says that she began her work preparing ten suitcases of clothes and sharing a whole day of fittings in the kitchen of the house of the actress to define the colors and styles that worked best for her and her character.


Because Cruella's story takes place before the events of the 101 Dalmatians films (both the 1961 animated classic and the 1996 live-action version), Jenny Beavan was given creative freedom to time to imagine the looks for the characters.

Two elements that should have been present were the use of black and white in Cruella and the strong Dalmatian imprint, but the page was pretty much blank from there. "I did look at the characters of Horacio and Gaspar in the animated version.

I felt there was something very charming about the way they were drawn and their colors, so I brought that into the wardrobe of Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser," says the designer, adding: "On the other hand, as for Cruella, I made sure it was believable that she would eventually look like the character in Glenn Close's 1996 rendition."


One of the most memorable costume pieces in the film is the dress Cruella wears when she gets out of the car and makes her spectacular entrance to the Black and White Ball.

Right away, Jenny knew it needed to be red for maximum contrast to the black and white looks at the party. The dress has a skirt made of 5060 organza petals, individually hand-sewn by a team of seamstresses. "This dress needed to be heavy enough for Emma to do twirls in, but light enough for her to get out of the car and move around. It was a challenge," reveals Jenny.


At Cruella, the costume design team faced the challenge of developing costumes for three balls: the 17th century ball hosted by the Baroness; the Black and White dance; and the Viking-style benefit ball.

"The 17th century ball has clear influences from the style of Marie Antoinette, but with a look from the 70s. The guests, then, wear accessories, makeup and hairstyles from that era", Jenny points out.

152 wigs were designed for the 18th century ball, as well as themed clothing for 107 guests at the event and a special collection for the parade that takes place at the party. For the Viking dance, another 88 wigs were designed and for the Black and White party, special clothing was created for 90 guests.

In addition, the team designed special costumes for a series of red carpet events, including a striking shiny black leather jumpsuit with treaded shoulder pads, a dress that wraps around the Baroness's car , a garbage truck dress with a forty-foot train, made from the Baroness's 1967 dress collection, and a Dalmatian-inspired coat.


In the history of the fashion industry there has always been a place for creative and innovative development, for passionate and disruptive people. Today it is also constituted as an area to promote social change. For this reason, on the occasion of the launch of Cruella, social organizations in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil were called to promote the inclusion of people in vulnerable situations through trades in the textile industry.

In Argentina we worked together with Cosiendo Redes, in Brazil with Orientavida and in Mexico with Impacto, to make unique garments such as jackets, t-shirts, ponchos and accessories, and give them a stamp inspired by the spirit of CRUELLA. The garments will be worn by influencers and fashion leaders to publicize the fruit of connecting talent with opportunity.

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Cruella arrived!Punk and fashion style '70 with all the details.Where and how much it costs to see it
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