Immersions at the foot of the castle

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Hornillos de Cerrato has organized a zipped diving day within the XXXII Cultural Week.The diving baptism brought together numerous audiences and around seventy hornilleros, from 5 years, were introduced into these techniques from the hand of professional instructors and other supporters of this exciting world.To do this, the Skull Diving Team Sports Team of Palencia.The Hornilleros enjoyed this diving day in their municipal pools, with the remains of Castillo as a backdrop.


«Diving is something that anyone can practice without limitations.The secret is to be calm to breathe the compressed air of the bottles.These types of initiatives are very interesting, because for most participants it is the first contact with the diving and the impressions they take are very positive, ”they said from the sports team.

Participants knew the elements that make up a diving team and its use, learning to breathe with the respirator and swimming at the bottom of the pool.The instructors also gave some basic notions with some demonstrations on flotability techniques, line and reels management, orientation and Intotec exercises.«It has been a very funny experience and we have had a great time.It is lucky to have swimming pools and that these types of activities are also organized.In a way, you feel like a fish under water, ”said three local children, Evander, Eneko and José.

Inmersiones al pie del castillo

The initiative to dive in the heart of the Cerrato emerged last year and, due to the success of the activity, a new edition has been held within the cultural week.Diving baptism was proposed by the mayor of the town, Ignacio Valdeolmillos, who is passionate about this world and wanted to share his hobby with all the stoves.«It is very important to energize the town throughout the year and in each era we have to take advantage of the resources we have in the town.We will continue with diving next year and will be a traditional activity within the cultural week, because the answer has been very positive and neighbors of all ages have participated, ”said the councilor.Ignacio Valdeolmillos ensures that the pools are a reference for the hornilleros and that various activities have been carried out during the summer.In addition, participants had the opportunity to take a picture under water as a memory of diving baptism.

The facilities of the municipal pools, inaugurated in 2011, offer spectacular views, with the remains of the 16th century castle as a background.There are two glasses, one for children under five years and one for other users.The set has changing rooms, showers and bathrooms.He also has ticket offices to leave clothes, a place dedicated to nursing and a bar.This space is also equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas.The rates are one of the cheapest in the region, as the City Council intends to serve the population.


Immersions at the foot of the castle
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