Do you want to start a business in the fashion sector? Find your provider

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Cotton Winds is a trusted supplier for those entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the fashion sector working with small quantities.

|11.11.2021| Starting a business within the fashion industry is always a great challenge. To gain a foothold in the sector, it is necessary to travel a path full of obstacles and difficulties that must be overcome and, as far as possible, transformed into opportunities.

Turn a challenge into an opportunity

There are many entrepreneurs who decide to start this journey starting from a promising business idea and a good dose of enthusiasm. However, reality puts them up against fierce competition and forces them to operate in a market dominated by large companies with high bargaining power and obvious advantages in terms of economies of scale.

One of the keys to success in starting a business in the fashion sector is finding good partners and suppliers. The latter must offer a service that meets the needs of the entrepreneur, which often involves the supply of value-added products in small quantities.

Working in small print runs offers a double benefit to entrepreneurs. On the one hand, it allows them to keep production costs in check; and, on the other hand, it offers them the possibility of getting to know their target audience better in order to adjust to their preferences as much as possible. The added value -which can be achieved thanks to the quality and richness of the fabrics, the beauty of the designs or the detail of the finishes, among others- makes it possible to differentiate the limited edition collections from those massive ones linked to Fast Fashion.

Cotton Winds

¿Quieres iniciar un negocio en el sector de la moda? Encuentra a tu proveedor

Below we present Cotton Winds, a good ally for entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of developing their business. It is an expert company in the manufacture of circular fabrics such as plush and plain knits, textile prints and embroidery. The company also stands out for its expertise in making knitwear using circular machinery.

Cotton Winds service is characterized by being comprehensive; ranging from the manufacture of the fabric to the delivery of the collections, passing through the design and pattern making, the development of the sample book and production. This exhaustive control over the entire value chain allows it to adapt perfectly to the demands of its customers and develop all types of productions and small collections.

In this sense, the company has a team of pattern makers and a design department that is always up to date with the latest fashion trends. These professionals are in charge of making the samples and the design of the collections, as well as their subsequent production. Cotton Winds also manufactures fleece, plain knit and polyamide fabrics. In addition, it personalizes its clients' designs using the sublimation technique on polyamide fabrics for swimwear and poplin.

For all these reasons, Cotton Winds becomes a promising option for those entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the fashion sector and for small neighborhood stores that differ from the proposals of large wholesalers through small exclusive collections.

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 Do you want to start a business in the fashion sector?  Find your provider
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